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Why Videos Are an Indispensable Part of Digital Marketing

Video marketing is nothing new. From the rise of talkies and television shows, videos have always been a powerful promotional tool to reach new audiences and consumers. Nowadays, online video websites and apps have taken over TV commercials and movie trailers. The platforms may have changed, but the game remains the same.

With the rise of ubiquitous video streaming sites like YouTube and short-form video platforms like Tiktok, it would be a mistake for businesses and corporations to neglect video content marketing. In a world where all generations are more focused on their smartphones and tablets than their television sets or print publications, video content marketing remains an integral part of digital marketing. Here are the benefits of video content marketing and why it’s always a worthy investment.

Videos translate to sales and conversions.

Studies show that video marketing directly affects ROI. They are a potent way to make a business some serious money. A 2018 study found that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after having watched a video about it. Another study found that four out of ten millennials trust YouTube, and six out of ten say they have changed their worldview because of the videos they’ve watched. Studies across the board demonstrate the influence that videos have over consumers and their purchasing behavior. The effectiveness of videos to engage consumers is not that surprising; after all, sight is our dominant sense. Research estimates that the majority of our learning, perception, cognition, and activities are mediated through our vision. So video marketing, along with graphic designing, are crucial parts of an effective marketing plan.

Videos build confidence and trust in products and services.

Well-taken photos may be a great way to introduce your product or service, but nothing will be able to showcase them more than a video. When done with excellence and integrity, videos are the most trustworthy way to showcase how a product or service works. The beauty industry has become a 49.2 billion dollar industry, thanks in no small part to the work of beauty gurus and influencers who have constantly promoted makeup and skincare products since the rise of beauty YouTube in the early 2010s. In 2016, the number of views for the beauty category on YouTube grew up to 80%, and many consumers say that these videos influence their purchasing habits. Once they see how the product works (or does not work), they will be more inclined to spend on it. Don’t hesitate to hire corporate video production experts to help you come up with content that help showcase not just your products but also what your company stands for.

Videos are more likely to show up first on Google.

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Three words: search engine optimization. Videos are more likely to show up first on Google, especially when they’re embedded on your website. And since Google now owns YouTube, there is more potential for videos to benefit a business or corporation’s search engine rank significantly. Videos can be extremely beneficial to your bottom line, especially if you have an engaging and informative video with a good title and description embedded in your website. Make sure that your website is peppered with information on how to purchase your products or avail of your services, as well as a moving call to action.

Videos are engaging, even to mobile and tablet users, and to the laziest of consumers.

A 2018 study found that 60% of all worldwide video views were watched on mobile and that people are more likely to watch videos from their phones and tablets while on the go. Videos are the simplest, easiest, most convenient way to share information, especially to audiences that are not too keen on reading an entire blog post. Videos are also much more engaging because, unlike a blog post or an article, videos use visuals. And unlike a simple photo, they allow for more time and opportunity to explain how products and services work.

Videos have more sharing potential than other kinds of content.

And lastly, videos are some of the most shared content online, especially if they’re educational and inspirational. Highlight videos are also some of the most shared videos online. Don’t hesitate to use videos when to share highlights of your corporate events, to showcase more of your products and services, or to inform people about what your company or business is about. It’s a great way to reach new audiences and potential consumers.

People are incredibly visual and are easily engaged by genuinely good videos, and won’t mind taking time out of their day to watch a video about something they’re interested in. So don’t forget to incorporate videos in your digital marketing plan.

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