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Why Printed Media Thrived in the Digital Age

Now that everything is going digital, it’s easy to assume that printed media is dead or dying. Contrary to that belief, print media is alive and kicking, and the demand for it is still very strong. It’s just that those who do print have learned to adapt to the modern world. They’ve upgraded their equipment, used modern technology and the latest software to help businesses in data management, have learned to accommodate the evolving taste of the masses and their target audience.

If you are planning to launch a campaign for a brand or a new product, don’t hesitate to include printed media in your marketing mix because of the following reasons:

Better Recall

For digital media, their aim is to capture the audience’s attention in just a matter of seconds. It’s because browsing on a device like your smartphone or computer requires very little to no attention at all. You just scan and scroll, skipping over the things that don’t interest you.

Printed media, on the other hand, allows you to focus on the image in front. To do so, the advertiser would have to be creative and talented and know what really appeals visually to their audience. It makes for better recall, so your audience can remember your product well based on what he saw.

Better Focus

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A printed material tends to get more eyeball time compared to ads that you see online. With the material in hand, the audience has more time to focus on the printed details, including whatever text is in there, the image colors, the product being endorsed, and more. With better focus, you’ll have more time to get your message across. This approach is perfect for a new product that you’re launching, a service offering that you want them to try for free, or advocacy that you want to share.

Multi-Sensory Appeal

When you are just browsing on your phone, there is a disconnection between what you’re seeing on the screen and you as a reader, or as an audience being targeted by the campaign. You’re just seeing words and images on your screen, and you can easily tune them out and never remember them the moment they leave your screen.

But with a printed media, for example, an ad on a paper, or a physical brochure, there’s that multi-sensory appeal wherein you are reading and you are touching the paper at the same time. You also get the smell of a freshly printed paper, which then appeals to your olfactory senses. In short, print media has more ways to appeal to their audience’s emotions aside from the usual visual cues that they offer.

Print media is truly alive and kicking, and it won’t be going away any time soon. This is why companies like Action Mailing & Printing Solutions thrive – they learned to adapt to the changes in their business environment and they were able to adopt practices that modern technology brings. Instead of folding, they have used it to their advantage and grew even bigger.

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