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Why Gardening Is Good for Your Body and Soul

More than half of the world’s population are living in cities, especially in countries in Europe and Latin America. Still, gardening is good for our physical and mental health. Even if you don’t have access to a personal garden, you should take the time to visit a community garden and do some activities there. The simple fact of being surrounded by plants and nature is enough to boost our physical and mental health .

If you’re one of the fortunate ones to have their own garden at home, you can even invest in commercial landscaping services in Charleston. After the professional service, all you need to do is to maintain the garden. The landscape architect may even give you great advice on what kind of plants you can incorporate in their design.

Aside from the positive effects of gardening on our physical and mental well-being, there are also some limited studies showing that gardening may help people with serious health problems such as cancer. Governments and real estate developers must then provide community and residential gardens for the people.

Physical Health

Gardening is a moderate exercise that’s comparable to playing doubles tennis or brisk walking. A survey finds that people who tend to their gardens are fitter than those who don’t. In fact, many overweight people don’t do gardening activities at all. Aside from the physical activity that gardening requires from its caretakers, having a garden means easier access to fresh fruits and vegetables. People who grow fruit-bearing trees and vegetation in their backyard have healthier lifestyles and diets.

Stress Buster

Studies show that gardening may be an even better stress buster than other leisure activities. There is completely no stress related to when you plant a tree or fix the garden. One study wherein the group was divided into two—one who would read indoors and another who would garden—found that people who garden have a better mood than those who stay indoors to read. There is also a decrease in their stress levels.

Existential Meaning

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There is a feeling of connectedness to the world that you live in when you garden. When you garden, you will experience a difference in your appreciation of the things that surround you. You will realize how important is the land that you walk on. You will also realize that the soil is not merely soil and that it provides important nutrients for the food that you eat.


Some say that gardening is like meditating. It’s the same transcendent state that people who do yoga and meditation experience. It is a spiritual place where you are more in tune with your feelings and your surroundings. You are calmer and relaxed when you garden.

Sense of Responsibility

People who have issues with self-worth will do well tending to their gardens. The plants in your garden depend on you for sustenance. They need you to water them, and they need to be moved under the sunlight. It will teach you how to be more responsible.

Gardening is one of those things that do not present any negative effects. With gardening, you are bound to reap all the positive effects it has on your physical and mental well-being. If you tend to a communal garden, you may even be contributing to building the community and boosting your social interaction.

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