What Your Photos Should Convey About Your Business

Over 300 million photos are posted on Facebook daily, and research revealed that people spend more time looking at a brand’s page photos rather than their wall posts and other ads. This fact alone is enough to explain why photos play a significant role in marketing, but how exactly can we make our photos appealing to help raise sales? 

You can hire an experienced commercial photographer in Manila or any other city so that your products can be presented professionally and with grace. But if you’re a new entrepreneur who doesn’t have enough means yet to tap a third-party’s resources, making a successful and resonating marketing campaign isn’t impossible at all. If you know how to do things right, your business will be recognized as a promising one.

That said, here’s what your photos should tell your customers about your business:

Everyday Moments at Work (Behind-the-Scene Photos)

Posting photos of finished products are good for advertising, but to create a more meaningful connection with your customers, posting photos of behind-the-scene moments can do just that. This shows the work done to bring your customers the products they love. It can also make a brand feel more human and approachable because they’re able to see the people behind your business.

Your customers will also trust your business more when you give them a sneak peek of what’s going on behind the scenes. Transparency is appreciated by customers– they like to see where the products they’re buying are coming from. Behind-the-scene photos reflect your business’s culture, community, principles, and values.


Your Product’s Purpose and Impact on Customers

You can do this by posting official photographs showing how your products are used, or by taking advantage of user-generated content (UGC). According to research, 92% of consumers trust user-generated content more than traditional advertising content.

Encourage your customers to post photos of your product by holding photo contests. Prizes can motivate your customers to participate, gaining your brand more attention as they post photos. If not through a photo contest, you can instead ask some of your customers to review your product and give them incentives in return. Reviews are also greatly helpful because more than 70% of consumers browse reviews before buying a product.

Your Brand’s Story

Meaningful photographs will leave an impact on your customers. Photos showing your brand’s history, for example, can also forge connections, like what behind-the-scene photos do. You can also do this through videos, but using photographs can bring you more advantage. Facebook posts and tweets with images are shown to drive more traffic than those without.

If you’re taking photographs yourself, here are some tips on capturing great photos for your marketing campaign:

  1. Take candid photos. For social media campaigns, photos with people in it get more engagement. Posting candid photos of people humanizes your brand.
  2. Show your humor. One way to catch customers’ attention is by making them laugh, but be sure not to touch controversial topics in your photographs. If you post a compelling funny photo, 36% of consumers can be persuaded to buy from you.
  3. Think outside the box. You can post photos of how your products should be used, but in this case, post photos of how your products should be enjoyed. For example, if you’re a swimwear brand, a photograph of a model surfing or cliff-diving will be a thousand times more appealing than photos of models simply posing in it. Photos of people enjoying activities catch more attention and bring more traffic and awareness to your brand.

Remember that your customers want one thing the most: authenticity. Photos are powerful tools you can use to showcase your authenticity and connect with your customers. Show the human side of your business to forge and maintain meaningful connections or customers relationships.

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