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The Secrets of a Successful Event Planner

Organizing an event is stressful. From finding the best suppliers to finalizing the agreement with the performers, you should nitpick every detail and address the what-ifs even before they come. Expect sleepless nights as the day nears. There will be problems arising here and there despite the high amount of preparation. It all comes down to having a Plan B and C.

Then, there comes the day of the event when you have to be there before the ingress and leave after the egress. You are not merely in charge of contacting the mobile stage rental in Utah; you are expected to be there as they mount the stage and remove it from the venue. You need to be certain that everything is right on schedule. Such is a day in the life of an event planner.

For sure, you’ve come under fire multiple times. You found strategies that work for you. Nevertheless, here are some tips that might be helpful—if you haven’t tried them already.

  1. Have a go-to roster of suppliers.

Every event calls for different suppliers. However, if you found an efficient supplier that matches well with your work ethics, stick to them. If the event is stressful enough, don’t let the suppliers be another source of that stress. Being familiar with how each other works makes it easy to mount an event together.

  1. Make people want to take photos.

If you want to know if the event styling is a success, see if people are taking photos and posting them on social media. Make sure you create picture-worthy spots such as statement walls and pop-up photo booths with the Instagram logo posted on them as a call-to-action. Not only will you be creating memorable visuals, but you will also be spreading awareness about your business when the guests post the pictures online.

  1. Create an experience.

Crowd watching fireworks and celebrating

An event planner is expected to transform the venue and assure the event’s success. If you love your job, you know there is more to that—you are also creating an experience for your clients and their guests. When you’re handling a corporate event, you are looking at the enjoyment of guests, but when you’re handling a personal event, you are aiming for memorable moments that they will remember forever.

  1. Always keep everything in writing.

Miscommunication happens all the time, but it shouldn’t when you’re an event planner. Misunderstanding one detail can totally affect the entire event. It’s best to put the agreement in black and white to reiterate the conversation and make sure both parties are on the same boat. Communication is also crucial within the team. Give out papers containing the meeting’s agenda. After that, the conclusion and responsibilities should also be distributed as a guide.

For six straight years, an event planner is considered as one of the top 5 most stressful jobs in the world, along with firefighter, airline pilot, and military personnel. It is a little baffling when planning is part of a list composed of jobs where life is put on the line. Basically, you are being paid to catch all the stress and find a solution to every problem when time is of the essence. Regardless, event planning is both the best job and the worst job in the world. It can give you a sense of satisfaction after a successful event despite the tough ride getting there.

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