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Telltale Signs That You Need a Smart Home

Many negative reviews on the internet about technology make people lazier than ever, especially with smart homes growing in popularity. This innovation allows people to control almost every aspect of their houses with a few taps on their phones or sometimes their voices.

The introduction of smart technology into households is truly a game-changer. With home automated devices and voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Google Assistant, a homeowner can run their entire household by simply stating their commands instead of doing the tasks themselves.

That’s probably why many people brand smart homeowners as lazy because they no longer do menial household tasks. However, if you think about it, who would want to do those repetitive tasks if they had another option?

Besides, smart homes are far more convenient and useful than what is seen at the surface level. Home automation can assure those with anxiety, add a security measure for those who feel unsafe inside their houses, and protect those with kids. Check these four signs below to see if you can benefit from having a smart home.

Sign #1 You Live in a Sketchy Neighborhood

Sometimes, people settle for houses or apartments in rather sketchy neighborhoods because it’s cheaper and more affordable compared to those in secured locations. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t afraid that a burglar will randomly pick their door and take their possessions or harm them.

Having a security system installed that can notify you immediately if there are any intruders in your home is a good use of smart technology. This will allow you to protect yourself and your belongings before it’s too late for you to do anything at all.

You can get your home automated and secured by a reliable service like EZ Switch to ensure that your home is protected. Through this upgrade, you can have peace of mind and feel safer inside your home knowing that you have an alarm system that can keep the bad guys away.

Sign #2 You Often Forget to Turn the Lights Off

Most people have the attention and memory span of a goldfish, which is only a few seconds long. Often, a person enters a room only to forget why they went there in the first place or be occupied with something else entirely that they don’t accomplish what they need to.

This can happen with simple things like turning off the lights before leaving the room, especially if your hands are full or if you have other things on your mind. But with smart LED light bulbs that you can control with your voice, you can avoid this from happening.

You can program the smart lights to turn off during a specific time, automatically closing all the lights that you may have left open around the house. This can also be wise if you often sleep with the light on and turn it off only when the sun is already high in the sky.

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Sign #3 You Live in an Area with Temperamental Weather

It can be annoying when one minute, you’re freezing your toes off, and the next, you want to strip out of your clothes. This is common in areas with temperamental weather, and there’s nothing anybody can do except to adjust their thermostat at home.

However, that task alone is gruesome because you would have to go back and forth with the thermostat to adjust the room’s temperature. But if you had a smart thermostat, then you can easily higher or lower the temperature through your phone or your voice.

Some programs can automatically adjust your house’s temperature based on the weather forecast in your location. It uses the data from your internet to adjust the thermostat based on your preferences so that you won’t have to keep adjusting every time the weather changes.

Sign #4 Your Electric Bill Is Always Skyrocketing

Sometimes, the electric bill can become monstrous even when you feel like you’re not consuming that much electricity every day. Despite turning off the lights every time you leave the room or making sure that the appliances are turned off after using them, the bill is still high as a kite.

This can be because there are appliances that still use electricity in the background even when they are plugged in but not in use. Instead of unplugging all your appliances after each use, you can place smart plugs on them to control their energy consumption.

The smart plugs can cut off or supply electricity through your appliances like a switch when you place them between your wall socket and the device. This way, you can control how much electricity is being used in the hopes that you can keep your electric bill to a minimum.

Smart technology makes your life easier not because it makes you lazy but because it can solve the common everyday problems you may face. It’s not foolish to spend on gadgets that can improve your quality of life, make you feel safer, or be more protected if it means that you get all those benefits in return.

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