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Spatial, Privacy and Noise Issues: How to Address Them in an Open Plan Office

An open floor plan is fast becoming the norm in the workplace. The concept is that employees get to work and collaborate efficiently in a single room. In an open office, you get to improve the workflow and boost employee morale and productivity. If this is what you aim for your organization, then an open floor plan can be the right choice for your workplace.

Specific problems, however, can arise from using an open floor plan. This includes noise, privacy and spatial issues. What can you do to improve privacy if you wish to use this type of floor plan in your office?

Choose the right materials

When it comes to the materials for your office, try to steer away from hard materials. Noise can continue travelling in plastic and wooden furniture. Choose soft furniture instead as this helps absorb noise better. You get to reduce the amount of sound that travels inside the office. Soft materials also tend to weigh less, making it easier for you to move them around the office.

Also, consider carpet tiles instead of wooden floors. Although the latter looks great, they can add to your noise problem. Go for open cell cushion backing carpeted tiles for better noise absorption.

Set aside a space for semi-private workspaces

A semi-private place is essential, even in an office where collaboration is the main focus. Sometimes, your employees will need a space where they can work away from the noise and distraction. You can do this by investing in glass wall panels.

If you wish to improve visual privacy, try banner printing services to print out large banners for your office. These can be promotional printouts or even inspirational messages to motivate your staff to give their best each day.

Provide adequate space for each employee

Each year, the square feet provided for each staff keeps on shrinking. You’re promoting communication and collaboration in your office, but it pays to give each of your staff sufficient workspace. Still, make sure employees should have easy access to one another so that they can easily work together on a project.

Coworking spaces are fast becoming a trend, but it’s always a good idea to give them an individual desk. This way, they can focus on their work and avoid distractions.

Have breakout and social spaces available

open floor plan

Even in an open floor plan, your staff deserves a break. Provide an area where they can socialise with their colleagues over tea or a game. This way, they can reduce their stress without having to worry about making unnecessary noise.

When it comes to designing your office, make sure to consider five important factors. This includes functionality, comfort, privacy, style, as well as your business needs. If you believe that an open floor plan would be beneficial for your business, then don’t hesitate to go for it. Make sure to tailor the space to your business and how people work. Consider these things, and you can address privacy, spatial and visual issues commonly experienced in an open floor workspace.

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