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Rediscovering Your Home State

There’s nothing like exploring Utah by traveling its roads. You will agree that even for locals, the novelty of seeing the sceneries will never wear off. This is why locals still take time off to go on a road trip around the state.

You might be thinking that your car cannot handle all that sand. Surely, when you drive around, you must at least own a vehicle that can last in exploring Utah’s natural landscapes and weather. You can always avail the best auto loan rate in Utah, so you can power through the adventure of getting to know your state better than before.

Despite the mundanity of life, Utah has witnessed your momentous life events. There is always something new to see when you continuously try to rediscover your home. Your current life situation provides you with a new lens to use, giving you a new perspective every single time. Here is a list of simple ways to immerse in your home state:

  1. Try the newly opened restaurants.

There are those homegrown restaurants where your parents took you as a kid and where their parents took them. There’s the familiar charbroiled patty from Crown Burger and the thickest milkshake from Iceberg Drive Inn, to name a few. Some days call for the familiar comfort food, but on days that don’t, do not be afraid to try the newly opened restaurants around. Not only will you be creating new memories in a different place, but your patronage is also a way to support the local businesses. See how the traditional food like potato tots and cheese varieties are being revamped. The taste might open your mind to new realizations.

  1. Watch a local production of a play.

One of the many ways to be proud of your home state is to see the amount of talent it houses. The theater is very communal because of the collaborative aspect of staging a play. From comedies to tragedies, traditional to modern, Utah has theatrical performances you can catch according to your mood. Try to get to know the brilliant minds behind every production. Who knows? One of them could be your neighbor.

  1. Check-in at a local inn or bed and breakfast.

Salt Lake City, Utah

There’s nothing like staying at the local inn to feel like a tourist. They say you shouldn’t be a tourist in your own home. But to fully get the vibe of exploration, stop over for the night at a local stay. That way, you can get the shut-eye you need before you continue on your road trip. Other than that, even if you only feel like having a staycation over the weekend, being someplace welcoming and warm can help you recharge. Plus, the intimacy of smaller accommodations like a bed and breakfast will allow you to get to know the people around you.

There’s a reason why people come back to the same place even if they have been there before. Many would say it’s because of nostalgia. Some would agree that it’s a matter of tradition. However, it can also be because of one’s inner growth. When you go to a destination, how you feel at that certain moment tends to stay with you. You remember. So, upon your return, you can’t help but compare how you were and how you are now.

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