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New Trends in a Millennial Wedding

The wedding industry is thriving. In the US, the industry is worth $76 billion in revenue, while globally, the money that goes around is said to be worth $300 billion per year.

People are spending more on their weddings—from the smallest detail, such as the wedding favors up to the biggest one, such as the venue. Since weddings are once in a lifetime, affair-hopefully- couples are turning their dream wedding into a reality no matter what the cost is. They aren’t only paying to tie the knot; they are paying for the overall experience.

Gone are the days when weddings are done using one generic template. Now, the details of the event are the combination of your personal preference and significant symbols to your love story as a couple. If both of you are adventurers, it could mean having an outdoor wedding with the mountains as your backdrop. It could be a destination wedding or the modern-day elopement. Meaning: it’s just you, your groom, the vow master, and a wedding photographer in Utah.

The Millennials are slowly changing how weddings are done. New trends are winning over the traditions. Here are some examples of how millennials are giving weddings a new spin:

Environmental-friendly wedding

It is a known fact that millennials are purveyors of sustainable living. It is the kind of lifestyle that they carry out even on their wedding day. A zero-waste wedding seems impossible, but the movement has gotten popular. According to Pinterest, searches for sustainable wedding ideas increased by 181% since 2018.

You might think, “What are weddings without flowers?” The use of flowers seems wasteful if you’re going for a zero-waste wedding. However, there are businesses now such as ReBloom that reuse wedding flowers by arranging them into smaller pieces to be sent to a hospice, cancer treatment facility, or mental health center of the couple’s choosing. Afterward, the company returns to collect them for composting.
The project seems pricier, but it gives joy to the couple to advocate for something and share their joy through small things.

Group Honeymoons

two couples

Nowadays, it’s normal to see non-married couples traveling together, so what they do is make their honeymoon extra special by inviting their friends over. A group honeymoon is an example of a modern couple’s more casual take on wedding traditions.

The wedding day is over even before you knew it. The ceremony and reception come and go in a flash. All the preparation seems so long when you realize how quick the day is going. This is why some couples prefer to go on their honeymoon with their friends because it serves as an extension of the wedding celebration. It’s a never-ending party while on vacation when they have their squad with them.

Gifts to Charity

Some couples encourage guests to donate to their chosen charity instead of giving them gifts. Couples often go to this route as an ode to a loved one who, unfortunately, did not make it into their wedding day or as a way to share their blessings since they already have what they need as a couple.

Contact your preferred charities if they have wedding registry programs or search via Charity Navigator. Plus, helping out has a bonus—a tax deduction for the donor.

As someone who’s been dreaming of her own wedding, of course, you want everything to be perfect for you and your guests. It’s perfectly normal to have the desire to curate an experience where every element is chosen with care. Choose what will make you and your groom happy.

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