How Modern Technology Affects Your Health

Nowadays, we’ve heard discussions about how technology is slowly ruining the quality of our lives. But while there some truth to that, it’s quite important to recognize the advantages it provided to the society or community. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why healthcare is improving for the better.

With proper utilization and practices, technology is an excellent way to support our health and overall well-being. Its advancements do not interfere but instead contribute to the development of our physical, mental, emotional, and social processes. To give you a clearer idea, here are seven research-based on how modern technology is changing our health.

Availability of community paramedicine

This is one of the most significant changes made by technology in the healthcare industry. Community paramedicine programs are generally designed to provide accessible care to people while reducing transportation costs. For one, there are mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) programs offering solution to coordinate resources among in-home carers, hospitals, and emergency medical care providers. Other potential benefits of such community paramedicine programs include reduced transports for non-urgent patients or 911 requests, prevention of injury and chronic disease management, and delivery of suitable follow-up care to high-risk patients.

Access to informative consent

With the availability of online search engines and social media, almost anyone today can access and share content about fitness and health issues and enlightenment. These days, there are tons of websites that even provide medicinal knowledge. Only thing you need to find is authorized content from an expert-operated website. We’ve also seen lots of medical institutions and, fitness and health professionals that operate their own websites with content discussing crucial health matters or answering questions from the public.

Stay fit at home

home workout

This is pretty obvious as there are now tons of workout equipment and resources today that are designed for at-home exercises. For example, you can now just home into your treadmill and connect to your own personal virtual trainer, live stream workouts, or take classes. There are also different digital class subscriptions and workout routines available on social media like YouTube. In particular to workout equipment, there are different tech upgrades and features like fully interactive HD consoles that allows you to stay connected to the fitness community and keep track of your progress

Change your diet

Did you know that technology also plays a role in improving our diets? Most people have a hard time tracking what they eat, which often leads to different unhealthy eating habits such as overeating or binge eating. For instance, there some health apps designed to provide nutrition suggestions and track daily food intake, which is particularly great for calorie tracking. And the best part? There are now different kitchen technologies that help people monitor portions and ingredients. For instance, there are now smart refrigerators that use AI to monitor food inventory, helping individuals and families manage their diets and health.

Enhance sleep

The range of technology advancements designed to improve sleep is tremendous. Before, we’ve seen light box technology and nerve stimulator. Now, there are sleep-related apps for tracking wakefulness and sleep with most of them can be used with other mobile devices. There are also smart mattresses and beds that help reduce the risk of sleep apnea or alleviate snoring. Some even have temperature regulations for relieving symptoms of insomnia.

Encourage self-care

Another notable influence of technology when it comes to health and fitness is promoting self-care. For one, there are now apps designed for setting daily or weekly reminders with some even have guided meditations into it. In addition to that, most new smartphones and smartwatches these days have built-in mindfulness tools and features, from battery limitations to blue light settings. For a more personal self-care time, you can easily access things such as motivational podcasts and digital gratitude journals, allowing you to reflect on your current health and wellness.

Learn new habits

In connection to promoting self-care, technology can also help you build, and practice better habits related to mindfulness, gratitude, or physical health. For instance, you can start practicing therapeutic breathing or tracking your daily mood using wellness apps. While not every app is equally effective, studies show that evidence-based apps can teach people skills and boost motivation to optimize well-being.

Instead of limiting your interaction with technology, it’s healthful to practice how you can use it in the right manner. The points here are great proofs that tech can be beneficial for improving a person’s health and wellness. It gives you a chance to have better access to health services while also allowing you to take care of yourself more conveniently.

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