Strategies to Make Your Workforce More Tech-savvy

If the COVID-19 crisis has taught businesses anything, it’s that business and technology are intrinsically linked and will forever be. This is why if companies want to reach their goals sooner, they need to cultivate a well-versed workforce in all kinds of tech tools developed to help them succeed. Here are the other benefits of having a tech-savvy team of employees:

  • It will make the team’s communication and collaboration exponentially more effective.
  • The work environment and culture will be even more agile and innovative.
  • There will be enhanced workplace productivity, satisfaction, and engagement.

Here are some tips for making your workforce more tech-savvy.

Make the necessary tech upgrades first

What is the point of having a tech-savvy workforce if all your computers and networks are from the 1990s or 2000s? Think of technology as a long-term investment with sure-shot gains: You might be spending a bit more now, but making these tech upgrades will help you save so much more time and money in the long term.

Replace your hardware, especially if they have been at your service for decades. It’s time to retire them now. Consider hiring a skilled team of information technology or IT support specialists to do a comprehensive checkup of all your networks and systems, so they can tell you how to overhaul it if necessary or if you just need to make some improvements. Enlisting the help of IT professionals can yield the following benefits:

  • Instead of doing it in-house, you would be more sure that you would achieve your desired results, like a more stable and secure network.
  • These IT experts can also teach your employees the basics and the ins and outs of your upgraded tech so that your workforce can have the general principles down pat.

Create some training programs

There are no two ways about it: if you are rolling out a brand-new system or transitioning from one platform to a more updated and modern one, you need to create formal channels to teach your people how to use these new toys. Every time you introduce a tech change on a bigger scale, then you owe your employees the courtesy of a company-wide training session so that they’re not grappling in the dark with all these shiny new tools.

What you can do is roll everything out slowly but surely. First, you can hire experts to teach a handful of people, maybe your fastest learners, to receive the training or seminar first. And then this first team of people can teach the rest of your workforce. Make the classes mandatory to ensure that everyone attends.

As a business owner or manager, you might need to accept that some members of your workforce might be less up to speed than others. Be patient and set up a mentorship program if you think it’s necessary. Partner them up with the employees who were quicker on the uptake. Moreover, you might want to consider ongoing training, especially if the tech continues to evolve and improve as time goes by.

Emphasize the benefits of being up-to-the-minute on technology


If your workforce is on the older or more traditional side, then you might have your work cut for you in terms of convincing them of the value of what they’re about to learn. Change is hard for many people, which is why so many workers are resistant to new tech tools being introduced to their place of work. But if you show and emphasize how the latest technology can benefit them, like how their jobs will be easier, for example, you might be able to encourage them to embrace the tech.

Here are some practical pointers for showing them the benefits of being well-versed in technology:

  • Team them up with another employee who has wholeheartedly embraced the tech tool. Your more tech-savvy employees will have the skills and knowledge to demonstrate how easy everything is and how these upgrades can simplify their day-to-day tasks.
  • If the tech tool can be learned outside of the confines of your office, consider allowing your employees to use the tech in their personal, day-to-day lives. Your employees who are more resistant to technological upgrades might be more amenable to the change if they see that it’s a tool they can also use at home.

Having a tech-savvy workforce will be nothing but advantageous to your company and its goals. Don’t let your business be left behind by making the necessary upgrades, enlisting the help of professionals, and getting your employees on board and properly trained.

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