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Make the Most Out of Your Toothpaste Tube

It’s amazing how simple objects can be turned into other uses after their primary function has long expired. It’s not surprising since these objects are often crafted through ingenious ways, as well. If you’ve seen a piston filling machine insert different kinds of substances in any kind of container, you’d know what we’re talking about.

If you have an empty toothpaste tube, don’t just throw it away. With just a few tricks, you can use this household item in other ways. So, if you want to help the environment and save a few bucks through recycling, here are ways to use your toothpaste tube after it’s been emptied.

Cash holder

If you travel a lot, you know that finding nifty ways to hide your money is part of the experience. But after using your socks, that small pocket inside the larger pocket in your jeans, and your shoes, you realize that it’s getting harder to hide your money.

That’s where your empty toothpaste tube comes to the rescue. What you should do is to cut out the flat end of the tube and clean out the insides. When you’re certain that it’s free from any toothpaste residue, you can either fold your bills or roll them tightly and insert them through the hole at the bottom.

To secure your toothpaste tube and your bills inside, just roll the bottom end as you would normally do. Once you’ve rolled the bottom end, your money is safely stashed inside. The great thing about this is that no one would think to look inside a toothpaste tube for cash.



If you’ve emptied your toothpaste tube, cut off the cap end of the container and rinse the inside. Then, get a piece of fabric and cover the cut part of the tube. Use a glue gun to firmly attach the fabric on the edge.

Now that you have an empty toothpaste tube, you can put in your pencils, pens, markers or even paint brushes. You can also attach a wooden base at the bottom of the tube so that you can have it standing up on your desk.

Wire holder

The great thing about toothpaste tubes is that if you roll them up, they’ll stay that way until you straighten them out again. So, take your empty tube, cut it in half, and retain the one with the cap. Glue together the cut portion to close the hole.

After that, flatten the tube. A few inches above the hole that you glued together, cut a hole through. Make sure that the size of the hole is large enough for the mouth of the tube to fit in. Once you’ve cut the hole, wrap the tube around your power cord. You fasten it by inserting the mouth of the tube through the hole you made and screw the cap back.

These are just some of the ingenious ways to use your empty toothpaste tubes. If you put your mind to it, you can probably find better and more creative ways to recycle your old toothpaste tubes.

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