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Local SEO Blunders Every Business Owner Needs to Avoid

Online marketing has become an essential part of getting leads and customers, and more and more business owners have found that it can help grow their brands. Now is a perfect time your step up your game. One of the most important gauges for the success of your online marketing efforts is achieving a high rank (first page, or the first 10 results) in the local search engine results page. With a higher ranking, you get to boost credibility, brand awareness, and make more sales.

However, it is very easy to make mistakes that can cause your online marketing efforts to go to waste. To maximize your potential to improve conversions and get more customers, make sure to watch out for the following local SEO blunders.

Not shopping for local SEO companies

One excellent way to maximize local SEO is by hiring a company that specializes in the service. However, note that not all SEO companies are the same. Watch out for companies that promise instant results. Remember that local, white hat (meaning it doesn’t play hard and fast with Google’s rules) SEO takes time and consistency for the best results. Find a local SEO firm in Denver with good reviews. The mark of a good SEO company is one that sets clear goals with you, and won’t whip out fancy jargon and blind you with rows of statistics without context. And don’t fall for the trap that there is a one-size-fits-all SEO approach for all businesses.

Publishing content without thinking about the quality

If you want to attract your target audiences, you’ll need to post valuable and interesting content. However, one needs to make sure the quality is good. Be careful when using plagiarized content for your website and pages. Want your brand to look authentic? Then only settle on unique, high-quality, and engaging content by researching who your customer base is and adapting your content strategy to what they want to learn about.

Failure to verify your business on search engines

Search engines like Google allow you to list your business details for easy searching. Potential clients who see inaccurate information will not only be able to contact you, they will also find it hard to trust a brand. Make sure you verify your business online. You get to reach your target audiences and boost brand recognition with ease.

Failure to monitor your progress

Progress monitoringOne can see the accurate measure of your local SEO efforts on your analytics reports. Make sure you or your SEO agency go over your analytics often and adapt your campaign to your performance. If you don’t check on your progress, you’ll find it hard to understand what strategy works, and you won’t be able to plan impactful SEO that can drive your business.

Not having the right local keywords

You may be targeting the right keywords, but are using local keywords to your advantage? These keywords feature your location (dentist Lakewood, for example). These location tags are a must-have for local search engine optimization. However, not using the right local keywords won’t help you attract the right audiences. Make sure to use local keywords strategically. Don’t be content with ranking for a few. Once you have traction with a few keywords, try to find other local search terms to rank for and maximize your SEO strategy.

There are many do’s and don’ts s when marketing your brand online. By knowing the common mistakes made when it comes to local SEO, you get the chance to improve your sales.

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