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Latest Technology That Every Remote Worker Needs

As we enter another year of the new normal, it is time we upgrade our office gadgets to keep up with our remote work experience. Though the situation is only temporary, no one knows how long we can safely go back to the physical office. That’s why you need new technology that can help you work from anywhere and improve your efficiency. If you chose to continue remote work after the pandemic, then these items can still come in handy.

With these new gadgets, your overall work experience will improve drastically.

High-end tablet and pen

It is vital for those who do digital art that you have a good tablet and stylus. This will make our work infinitely better and more manageable. Nowadays, tablets have evolved for increased sensitivity, making it feel like you are drawing by hand. Like an iPad, certain tablets also have other functions and features that make them great for working.

These tablets come in various price ranges, so you can get one even if you are working on a budget. Huion and Wacom have a lot of low-cost versions that work well. They also have higher-priced tablets that perform better, too. The main difference between these tablets is usually the sizes and additional buttons. Some have more buttons that make zooming and undoing an action easier. Wider tablets are generally more comfortable to use as well because you have more surface. Aside from that, the pens come with their own sensitivity and accuracy as well.

Another useful feature of tablets is their portability. Graphic and web design professionals such as those from Web Design Cheam are known to work remotely, so you don’t necessarily have to go to the office for work.

Dual monitors

Are you someone who always has a lot going on their computer at one time? One way to help you organise and multitask is by getting a dual monitor. It’s having two screens side-by-side, but they can have separate applications and software working. These connect to one PC, so your mouse can scroll on both.

A lot of professions can benefit from this. A writer can have their Word document open on one screen and their research on the other. Jobs that require you to cross-reference information can have both files open. Switching between different applications can be confusing and a waste of time for some. This makes specific processes a lot easier.

Studies by a company found that those who used dual monitors increased productivity by 2 percent, and those with three monitors increased by 35.5 percent. What usually happens is that one monitor acts as your main screen, and the other is there for support and other things that need to be open.

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Noise-cancelling headphones with mic

People who have to do a lot of meetings and such need some noise-cancelling headphones. Surveys found that 5 percent of employees say background noise can poor audio disrupt their meetings. This can make an already stressful situation even worse for those with difficulty adjusting to remote work.

Whenever you are in a meeting, it is crucial to have your own space. However, sometimes it can’t be helped that some noise from outside the door can be heard. If you live in a busy street or near a train, this is even worse. That’s why you need proper headphones for work. This will also help you communicate and hear better during calls. The last thing you want is to accidentally miss something your boss has said.

There are some people whose job requires them to handle sensitive information for privacy issues. It could be things like government info or high-end clients. Many of them still alternate between working remotely because of the pandemic, which will come in handy.

Bluetooth keyboards

If you need to travel a lot of work, then the chances are that you have a work tablet with you. While these are convenient and lightweight, they still have their disadvantages. Make sure that your keyboard isn’t blocking half of your work by getting yourself a Bluetooth keyboard.

These allow you to type on any device that has Bluetooth, which includes even your phone. This even gives it an advantage over wireless keyboards, which require a USB port for you to use them. That way, you can do work while on the road. It is also thin and portable, so it can easily fit inside your bag. Aside from that, using Bluetooth means that it won’t need too much wiring to connect.

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