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Innovative Next-gen Parts for your Gaming Rig

In today’s age of information and technology, computers and smartphones are known for being some of the most important inventions before the turn of the century. Without computers and smartphones, it would be hard for us to organize information into spreadsheets, and information would take days to weeks to process rather than just mere minutes. Computers and smartphones are also known for being used to interface with the internet, which makes them incredibly versatile tools for work and communicating with others.

But aside from being used to calculate complex forms of data and information, computers have also been used for gaming and entertainment. For the last few decades, the video game industry has seen a steady rise of players as most individuals want a way to escape from stressful work hours and generally have a good time.

Of course, if we want to play these triple-A games, relaxing indie games, or thrilling E-sport MOBAs and shooters, we’ll need a good gaming rig. While there are some systems and computers that can easily handle some low-end games, there are also some games that will require a good amount of processing power.

How Much Should You Spend on a Gaming PC?

Compared to your usual office computer (unless you’re using an iMac), gaming rigs and PCs tend to be relatively more expensive since they do require a fair amount of processing power and high-quality materials. Some experts would say that you’ll have a PC that’s optimized for gaming for around $1500 – $2000. You could also have a “fancier” looking desktop set for the same price, but it won’t have the same power if your budget isn’t really focused on the power.

If you’re someone that is quite keen on performance as well as the aesthetic appeal of your PC, you might have to spend more than $4000 – $5000 for one. Ultimately, this will depend on your area and where you will be getting your parts. There’s bound to be cheaper ways of building your gaming rig. But just like any equipment, the higher the quality of the product, the more long-lasting it is.

Still, it’s important to ask yourself, “Do I really need this right now? Is it a worthwhile investment?” your gaming rig can also be a useful tool, especially when you want to do some work or when you need to create some content in the form of video.

According to Moore’s law, microprocessors and chips that are used by computers in sifting through massive amounts of data and information have been getting smaller and smaller every two years. Similarly, the resources needed for manufacturing such parts for the computer will be effectively cut in half, which means that such processors will only cost half that what they would use to.

So even though some gaming rigs might be relatively expensive, you just have to sit tight and wait for most of the prices to go down. Another upside of being patient is that there’s bound to be even more games and more efficient processors in the near future, which means that you’ll even have an even faster PC from less price.

But what are some of the “hottest” parts that most gaming enthusiasts can buy in the market these days? Well, here’s what you’ll need to know.

Cooling System

Compared to other types of computers used for work and tasks that don’t necessarily require a lot of processing power, gaming rigs will need a good amount of RAM and processing power to generate realistic graphics while doing intricate calculations it comes to editing software. Since these types of computers will require a good amount of power for rendering realistic graphics for games or for creating content, it will need an efficient cooling system.

However, one of the dilemmas of using a cooling fan when regulating your PC’s temperature is that it incorporates the use of air, which can often lead to the buildup of dust and other particles in the cooling fan and much of the computer’s processing unit. When warm air is also recirculated into the fan, this could also inadvertently lead to heat buildup. With the recent innovations in technology, passive cooling fanless PCs are a great way of cooling your PC without having to worry about overheating at any given minute.

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Mobile CPUs

Again, processors are getting smaller and smaller each day, and they’ve gotten to the point that they could easily fit into some of the smallest known devices in the industry. This is especially true when it comes to mobile games on consoles and on your smartphone. These CPUs are so efficient that they can make your phone or any device perform at the same pace as a gaming rig.

Some of the lightest laptops in the business can easily handle games that would otherwise cause most laptops from previous generations to overheat.

Drive Shuttle

A lot of triple-A games these days will take a fair amount of space for your PC. Some games are carried so much data that they can reach around 500 Gigabytes of information. When most individuals are handling tons of data daily, drive shuttles are considered a pioneer in data storage, with around 16 terabytes (16000 Gigabytes) of information for one block alone.

Not only are drive shuttles great for gaming, but they are also crucial to storing large amounts of data for corporations and businesses.


There’s really no ultimate way of designing and building your PC. It’s still important to have all the working parts to prevent electrical hazards to yourself. It might be a commitment in itself to have a fully-functional PC, but it’s one that will entertain you for a long time. Not only are these gaming rigs great for gaming, but they can also be used for editing and processing a good amount of data when you’re working.

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