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How to Use a Paracord in Your Outdoor Adventure

If you love traveling or you are an adventure lover, you might have heard of paracords. Most hikers, rock climbers, and mountain climbers have these in their backpacks, as these cords have many uses.

However, it can be a bit confusing to use a paracord, especially if you haven’t used one in the past. Today, we will discuss where and how you can use a paracord so you can make the most out of it after buying it from a paracord store.

When building a shelter

If you are hiking somewhere and you need to make a shelter, you can use your paracord for this. A paracord can hold down tents (especially in windy situations), tie your tarp to the trees, or even connect some tree branches.

When doing this, you have to make sure that you’re using a sturdy paracord. That is why you should make sure that you will buy it from a trusted store.

When you need to stop a bleeding wound

Have you been on an adventure and ended up with bruises and cuts? That is nothing new when it comes to hiking or climbing, which is why you would want to be prepared when it comes to these situations.

If you or a companion suffers from some external bleeding during the trip, you can use your paracord to make a tourniquet. You would have to put padding under it, so make sure to secure one before tying the cord around the injured area.

When you need to move heavy objects

If you need to move a rock or a heavy object, but you don’t have enough strength to do so, you can use your paracord instead. Tie it to the object that you are trying to move – for example, a log or a raft – and make a pulley system out of it.

This cord is also useful when making a shelter and needing to create a pulley system for it. It makes the makeshift tent much more durable when you have branches leaning against each one.

When you need to make traps


If you are hiking or going on an adventure, you’ll most likely look and hunt for your food. You might not have enough gear to make a trap. But if you have a paracord, you’re all good. You can use one to make a trap or snare when hunting something small such as a rabbit, or even one as big as a deer.

However, if you hunt for a big game, you should use a thick and sturdy paracord so that you can be sure that it would not snap. Having it break will not only inconvenience you, but it will also hinder you from doing other activities.

There are several different ways to use a paracord, and it can even be useful for everyday life. Paracords might be a little bit expensive, but they are a good investment, especially if you are into climbing, hunting, and other types of adventures. Consider buying a paracord today and practicing its uses so that you can master using it.

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