How to Sell SEO to Your Manager

When it comes to digital marketing strategies, there are still some business owners and managers who remain hesitant to adopt search engine optimization (SEO) practices to promote their companies. They think SEO has no impact on website rankings. They also believe that it’s almost impossible to figure out how to rank high in search engines just because Google frequently changes its algorithms.

But the truth is that SEO is relevant and every business in Utah or any other state in the U.S. would do well to take advantage of it. If your boss needs convincing to hire SEO marketing specialists, here’s what you can do.

Bust the myths

Before you sell your boss the idea of hiring SEO experts, you should first make them see what SEO is really about and what it’s not. This means you should dissipate the myths surrounding it, such as the idea that a website can rank high immediately after peppering it with popular keywords. Tell your manager that there are many processes to launch a successful campaign and that it takes time before a website would rank high in Google.

Show proof

You need to show your boss evidence that SEO works. But since your company hasn’t tried this marketing tool, show them proof that other businesses did succeed in ranking higher with this strategy. Most business owners and CEOs are only skeptical about SEO strategies when they think that they’re not as cut as traditional marketing strategies.

But, if you explain that SEO can even go further than traditional marketing, they might be more willing to try it out. You can show data about how it can help pinpoint your target market from their demographics to their location, which will make your marketing easier and even cheaper.

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Enumerate wrong SEO practices

Your boss may have had someone tell them that in order to rank high in Google and other search engines, they should use methods that aren’t considered ethical based on proper SEO practices, particularly black hat SEO. If that’s the case, it’s your responsibility to steer your manager towards the right path because if they do decide to use black hat SEO practices, your business website will be penalized by Google. And if your company’s site gets penalized, it will be a lot harder for your team to promote your business and brand on the internet.

Explain the end goal

Basically, your boss just wants to know what will happen to the business website if they decide to hire an SEO expert. So, explain that if you do use proper SEO practices, eventually the site, along with your brand, will be shared to thousands of people on social media. Your site may also be featured in other websites that are relevant to the brand, which further helps the company to reach more consumers.

It may be hard to convince your boss to take the SEO route at first, but as long as you show proof that this method is effective, you’ll be able to persuade them. This way, the business will garner more customers compared to sticking with just traditional marketing strategies.

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