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How to Make Meaningful Communication in a Digital Workplace

If you’re working in a virtual office, then chances are you’ve had difficulties trying to communicate with your employees. It’s a frequent issue with a virtual office setup or any office depending on virtual systems such as cloud project management and staff management apps.

The irony here is that the world is more connected than ever. Communication lines are possible since the Internet expanded its use beyond internal communication networks. There are now gadgets that allow people to communicate over vast distances, but the explosion of such technology has also revealed flaws: battery limitations, dead spots in many areas, and even the imperfections of satellite communication.

Such limitations highlight the value of presence and clarity in many companies. It all boils down to how you communicate with your staff.

Here’s how to improve or strengthen your communication in a virtual office:

Hold video-conference meetings at the start of the week

Before you start the week, hold a brief meeting with your staff to give them the focus they need to complete the week’s objectives. A video conference call would be a way for everyone to connect. Sometimes, working in a virtual setting can be alienating, and you need to see and speak with your colleagues. These exchanges could also be used to brainstorm and catch up on each other’s accomplishments.

Inform employees immediately about any changes

Since all of you are working off-site, sharing information regarding changes in the operations or additional tasks will be a bit more challenging. Using cloud file systems could help your staff access documents they need to review immediately. Still, if security is an issue, you could use an office management system that adds another layer of security to your data and electronic files.

Use social media

Some companies have also used social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to connect with their employees. Since many people have found social media helpful in maintaining connections with families and friends, companies are now using these platforms to communicate with their target market and engage employees.

You could also use chat applications such as Skype to hold meetings and discussions. They can send files, documents, and even hold group conferences over these platforms to make their work easier.

Use business intelligence tools

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Sometimes the best way to communicate is to have a graphic representation of your team’s goals and objectives. There are business tools that use dashboards to present your business data in an accessible way. It might use graphs and charts, but whatever method it uses, it gives you and your team a better understanding of your goals.

Email still works

When all else fails, email still works. Some people think email has gone the way of snail mail, but if used correctly, email is still a powerful tool to document your files and office communication.

The world may have gone digital, but companies realize that the most important thing still relies on human connection, whether it is physical or through the Internet. Communication may depend on the gadgets and tools we have, but clarity and consistency are still crucial in helping your company succeed.

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