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How Skin Clinics Can Maintain Their Success During the Pandemic

Skin clinics and the beauty industry, in general, are highly affected by the pandemic. Salons, stores, wellness centers, and every establishment related to cosmetics were forced to shut down since they are considered “nonessential.” Thankfully, e-commerce is there for beauty retailers to turn to. But if you own a skin clinic with its own skincare line, chances are you’re struggling during this time.

Similarly, entrepreneurs who are just about to embark in this business are facing a challenge. So here are some marketing tactics to help you maintain your success, or to reach it if you’re only a starter.

1. Create a Community

In this trying times, people need to feel a sense of unity, a sign that they are not alone in their hardships. As a beauty entrepreneur, build your community on social media. Find your brand voice and be consistent with it, since it will be critical in your advocacy.

Having advocacy is crucial because it allows you to resonate with your market. It will earn you their trust and give your brand a focus. For skin clinics, suitable advocacy would be beauty beyond skin imperfections, for example. Just because you treat skin conditions doesn’t mean that you no longer see the beauty in blemishes, acne scars, and wrinkles. You can tell your audience imperfections don’t make them less beautiful, but fixing them can increase their self-confidence.

2. Post Online Content

Rebecca Saunders, the owner of Seekology, had to convert her shop into a 100% online store from being 99% brick-and-mortar. That resulted in a significant challenge in making sales, but by posting online content, she was able to keep her audience and customers engaged.

As a skin clinic owner, consider posting at-home skincare tips on IGTV, Instagram’s video platform. Demonstrate how to pop blemishes safely, and whether they should be popped at home. Show your audience how to use your skincare products as well, so they’d be urged to buy them online.

High-quality photos make an impact, too. Aside from posting before-and-after pictures of the clients you treated, present your skincare line attractively. Beautiful product photos are one of the reasons consumers make a purchase. Hold a product photoshoot, and avail professional product image editing services. Minor enhancements will make a significant change in how your customers will perceive your product.

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3. Partner With Beauty Influencers

According to a study, brand loyalty has a connection with celebrities endorsing the brand. Consumers are more loyal to brands that use photos of the celebrities they aspire to be like. Therefore, reach out to beauty influencers, who dominate social media when it comes to anything beauty-related. You can offer to sponsor one of their videos or Instagram posts, and get the chance to be noticed by their followers.

This strategy is rather genius because consumers are now looking for “regular people” that demonstrate a product or service. And despite their fame, influencers are still known for their authenticity and the way to relate to their followers.

Therefore, you don’t have to splurge on a Hollywood celebrity or supermodel to promote your skincare line. You can send a message directly to an influencer, and your partnership can start from there.

4. Optimize Your Online Store

The pandemic has seen a boom in e-commerce, so take advantage of this by focusing your marketing efforts on your e-commerce shop. Since your services will be limited, your skincare line has to make up for your lost revenue.

The advantage of being an e-commerce shop is that people tend to spend more when they buy online. Piper Sandler, an analyst firm, recently saw shoots in the skincare and haircare industry during the pandemic.

Given the current situation and the uncertainty that’s still occurring, your marketing strategies should focus on online solutions. Social media is your best weapon. In it are your community, brand voice, and lifeline.

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