Home Design Ideas and Pointers for Animal Lovers

Having a pet is a big responsibility. If it doesn’t change your life in some capacity, then you’re doing it wrong. From rearranging your schedule to ensuring that they stay healthy and happy throughout their lives, being a pet owner is no joke and should not be taken lightly. It should also follow that our pets must inform the way we choose and design our homes, especially if we want our fur babies to be comfortable for the duration of their stay in the house. Our love for these sweet pets can also influence the way we choose decor in our home.

If you love your pets and want their figurative footprints to be all over your home, here are some design ideas and tips to inspire you.

Make your interiors a haven for your pet

Now that it’s not just you and your family living in the house, you also need to consider your pet’s comfort and safety. Here are some pointers to ensure that your home remains a sanctuary for your fur baby:

  • Use upholstery that is fur-free, especially if your pet tends to shed a lot. Some materials or fabrics that are prone to gathering pet hair include mohair, velour, velvet, corduroy, and chenille. Opt for synthetic fibers and smoother tapestries and leather instead. Invest in high-quality fabrics so that they can endure your pets’ claws and sharp nails.
  • There’s no way around it: Exposed wood on your furniture might become a new puppy’s teething toy. If you’re thinking of adopting a new pup, consider forgoing furniture made of rattan, exposed wicker, and sisal. Chrome and metal are your best friends for now.
  • Make sure your flooring does not stain easily. Hardwood floors are prone to this phenomenon, so if you choose natural wood, opt for more durable types like oak and mahogany. Stone, ceramic, and laminate flooring are also good options, and they keep the pets cooler during hotter seasons, too.


  • Keep your interiors as clean as possible. One of the spaces you need to maintain regularly is the kitchen, especially if your pets can open your kitchen cabinetry. Make sure everything is tightly closed and that your pets always have access to clean drinking water through their dish.
  • Invest in their own play zones and special spaces. You can incorporate a doggie or kitty couch in the mudroom, and you can also add a mini obstacle course in your yard. Either way, your pets must feel like they have their own spot in the house.
  • Incorporate cozy spots for your cat or dog by integrating a tiny arch for them below the kitchen counter or anywhere you and the family might be having breakfast, like a nook by the window. It can also be below the stairs or anywhere space can be utilized.
  • Some homes incorporate a special bathroom for dogs, so you can also add one to your mudroom, laundry room, or entryway.
  • Be strategic about your window treatments; avoid drapes made of thicker materials and opt for sheer and lightweight curtains to allow your pets to see you from inside when you’re on the way home.

Honor them once they pass

No one wants to think about losing their beloved pet, but it’s never too early to plan what you want to do to honor them once they do. If they are beloved members of the family, then it’s also not too much to plan how you want to remember them when they’re gone. Consider having them preserved through taxidermy services or having their likeness embedded in jewelry.

Use artwork to express your love for animals

You don’t need to be intimidated by the idea of hanging up artwork or photos filled with dogs, cats, and other cute pets, especially if it’s your life’s passion to rescue them, care for them, and give them a good life. You can commission up-and-coming artists to draw your pets in a cute way or in ways that will complement your home’s interiors.

You can also hire a professional photographer to take portraits of your entire family along with your pets. Doing so can mark this moment in time as memorable for all of you and change these art pieces in aesthetically strategic areas in the house.

Having a pet should change your life, hopefully for the better. Let the transition be easy for everyone by arranging things in your home so that your pets are as comfortable and healthy as possible. These fur babies are always worth the investment and changes.

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