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Going Hunting? Here’s How to Avoid Accidents

Every activity has its own fair share of risks. It is the reason people take precautionary measures. One particular activity that sees accidents every now and then is hunting.

Many hunting-related accidents occur because of simple carelessness. Some people who have been hunting for quite some time tend to let their guard down. To prevent anything bad to happen to you during your hunting activity, keep in mind the following tips.

Do not run with a loaded rifle

Some of you may be scratching your head, thinking that this is something that hunters will not do. But, you would be surprised to know that many actually make this silly mistake.

Perhaps they are too eager to bag their first deer that they would load up their rifles even when they have not spotted their target yet. Then, when they hear something rustling, they would run over to where the sound came from. That is when they would trip and accidentally pull the trigger.

Exercise more caution when carrying your rifle, which you bought from the local hunting store in Michigan. Do not run with a loaded weapon even if you think you are already an expert on guns.

Point your rifle down when moving

Now, when you do find yourself moving with a loaded rifle, at least make sure that you do not point the barrel straight. It should always be pointing down to avoid any accidental shooting.

Always put the safety ‘on’

Not only should you keep the safety on at all times except when you’re about to shoot, but you should also keep your finger away from the trigger to avoid accidental firing.

Have a full view of the target before shooting

Do not automatically shoot at the direction of every noise you hear. Do not shoot if you do not have a full view of your target. You might be aiming at another human hiding under the bushes from its prey.

Make sure there are no humans close to your target

If you are hunting for deer, for example, make sure that there are no humans in front of you and your prey. In addition to that, make sure that there are no humans beyond your target. Even if you hit your target, your bullet/s could pass through and hit the person beyond the deer.

Avoid ricocheting

deer in the forest

Always be mindful of the surfaces you might hit. Make sure that the surfaces you might hit are not hard that would lead to your bullets to ricochet. Ricocheting bullets could hurt other people or even yourself.

Secure foothold when moving with a loaded rifle

A lot of hunting accidents happen because people trip while holding a loaded rifle. So, when you need to move with a loaded gun, make sure that the safety is on and that the path you are walking on is not too slippery.

Hunting accidents can be avoided if you practice common sense and become extra careful with your weapon. Always be mindful that you are handling a dangerous weapon.

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