Crypto Marketing: How It Works and Why It Matters

Cryptocurrencies aside, blockchain technology has given new and old investors more reasons to be optimistic about the future of the industry. After all, blockchain has evolved from a fintech-focused technology to one that powers other industries like content publishing and supply chains.

As a result, more startups and enterprises are recognizing the benefits of launching a blockchain campaign. It has led to a point that many are pouring their time and effort into creating a robust crypto marketing strategy.

Launching a crypto project is one thing; marketing cryptocurrencies, however, is another. Traditional marketing methods like printed ads or radio spots aren’t enough to entice potential investors to choose your business. Apart from having a compelling message, you need the right tools and platforms to send your message across to the right target audience.

Crypto Marketing Basics

There are a few givens that you have to immediately check off your to-do list. For instance, many businesses start with building a website. Every project should have its own website; some campaigns even have multiple websites. But if you’ve dabbled in cryptocurrency marketing before, you’ll know that many websites lack the details most investors want.

This includes pages that explain the potential use cases, underlying technology and the development documentation. Your website should always be updated with the right information, which can be a challenge. After all, trends come and go in the world of cryptocurrency.

Blogs are also helpful in reaching out to more audiences, whether they are knowledgeable in crypto or not. A majority of successful crypto marketing strategies use blogs to communicate with the public. Social media is equally important, but blogs provide readers with the nitty-gritty development process, as well as fleshed-out details on cryptocurrency development.

Going Beyond the Blog and the Official Website

As mentioned, social media marketing is important. It is also the fastest way to generate noise about your campaign. You know these platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Discord and Medium — all of them matters, some more than the others.

Apart from social media, you should also have a whitepaper, a technical documentation for the tech behind the campaign. Some businesses, however, treat whitepaper as just another marketing material. It’s best to avoid this treatment; instead, cut the fluff and flesh out all the details. Use Bitcoin’s whitepaper for inspiration.  

Instead of boring readers with vague descriptions about use cases and technology, explain the science behind the network. The whitepaper should read as a technical document for scientists, engineers and developers to scrutinize and study.

Whether it’s an STO, ICO or IEO, it doesn’t matter. Whitepapers educate the readers, lay the foundation for transparency and trust, as well as offer details on the tech, tokenomics and roadmap.

Cryptocurrency Marketing: The How To’s

PR and Media Outreach

Directly reaching out to the public is essential in marketing your cryptocurrency campaign, but you have to reach the middle persons, too — aka the media people. The media plays an important role in crypto marketing, especially in terms to relaying information to the public. Sending sponsored stories and press releases to industry publications is one of the easiest ways to reach out to investors in the market.

Publish Major Events, Including STOs, ICOs and IEOs on Calendars

A successful cryptocurrency marketing strategy continually engages with audiences, as well as draws in more investors. When creating your strategy, always think like an investor.

Keeping track of all the developments occurring in the crypto space can be complex. As mentioned above, changes happen quickly and cryptocurrency time frames are measured in quarters, not years. Stay ahead of your competitors by using tools like calendars so you can keep track of your current operations.

In line with this, publish your STO, ICO and IEO dates on major calendar websites. Mark monthly update reviews or road map milestones. This makes it easier for you to keep track of your communication, as well as easily inform your investors of what they can expect.  

Take Advantage of Bounty Campaigns

Bounty projects are promotional activities spearheaded by third parties on behalf of projects. Investors are often recorded with tokens, either discounted or free. In rare cases, they are also rewarded with cash.

These aren’t the core of many projects, but they offer many benefits. It goes beyond the cryptocurrency promotion strategy, even if many people use it that way.

There are two times when bounties thrive, during post-ICO and sale time. While the ICO and pre-sales are happening, bounty campaigns can reach out to different types of influencers. Their primary targets also include writers, video presenters, and podcast presenters.

The crypto market is always welcoming new projects. To stand out from the crowd, you have to create an effective marketing strategy. An ideal marketing campaign encompasses all aspects of marketing — referrals programs, pushing updates and more.

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