E-Commerce and Edited Photos: Why They Need to Work Together

Some people frown upon edited photos, but such photos never ever stop being all over the internet, especially on e-commerce websites. If you browse an online store, there would never be a single photo that isn’t tweaked in some way. Edited photos look more professional, neat, and therefore, presentable. It isn’t to deceive customers, contrary to what others believe. Rather, it’s to enhance product photos and show them to customers as brand new items with excellent and flawless conditions. 

Photo editors have also helped many photographers in their career. For example, a photo editor for a magazine would be the point person for hiring professional photographers. They may not be the one shooting the photographs, but they’re responsible for giving the audience a rich experience by viewing enhanced, vibrant, and sometimes, mysterious photos. Photo editing services for photographers are essential to the industry and are seen in various prints, digital platforms, and e-commerce businesses.

Photographer vs. Photo Editor

If you’re a new entrepreneur looking to hire photographers for your product photoshoot, you may first want to know that photographers and photo editors aren’t always the same person. Photo editors are also experts in photography, but rather than shoot photos, their jobs consist more often of selecting the right photographs to be used, and then edit them. They will decide which of the photos taken suits your e-commerce website best, and from there, they’ll do all the editing and retouching to make the photos ready for posting.


Importance of Edited Photos in E-commerce

E-commerce websites require high-quality photos. As customers, we always look for professionalism, and in online stores, one of the best ways to be professional is to use high-quality photos on their websites. Editing photos do not change how the product looks like. Rather, it removes unnecessary backgrounds, unwanted details, and other elements that distract the main subject. If product photos are left unedited, they will look inappropriate and unprofessional, which would, no doubt, hurt the business.

Edited photos are also clearer, meaning customers can view the products as close to what they look like in real life. Online store customers feel more confident if they’re sure of what they’re buying, and only a finely edited product photo can instil such feeling. Especially because customers cannot touch the product, its photos need to be crisp and detailed so the customers can imagine its texture.

Visitors also tend to ignore products or websites with poorly taken photographs. Raw photos tend to look duller, making the product look boring. This would result in lacking sales, making your business unprofitable.

Your branding will also be affected if you post unedited or low-quality photos. Customers may not trust your brand and perceive your company negatively. When you do the opposite, your website can be visited more frequently, your sales will be higher, and your online business will grow rapidly.

Professional photography and photo editing are strategic marketing tools to help you increase sales and reach your goals. It is an investment that can provide favorable returns and it will earn your e-commerce website and products a good reputation on the market. Seeing that edited photos have been around for a long time, it is an evidence that they have been helping online businesses develop and thrive.

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