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Does T-Shirt Marketing Work? How Technology Helps SMEs Do That

More than 30 million businesses exist in the US, most of which are businesses with less than one hundred employees. These small businesses usually have meager funds. Most of these funds are typically used for daily business operations, with only a small amount left for other purposes. However, you can make the best out of your remaining funds by using them for marketing.
Many small businesses believe that marketing requires a lot of funds to market their company. However, this isn’t the case. Many types of marketing don’t require a lot of funds. One way you can market and grow your business is through the use of T-shirts.

T-Shirt Marketing

T-shirt marketing shares the same idea of giving out mugs as a souvenir to customers. However, unlike mugs or other freebies, your consumers could actually wear the t-shirt you give them. They can be out in public, marketing your company without even being aware that they are doing it. It’s free marketing, and much like advertisements, people from all around the world have the possibility of seeing it. But how exactly can you this kind of marketing? First and foremost, you’re going to need a good heat press machine.

The Right Equipment for the Job

Technology has given us access to heat press machines that can distribute heat evenly among certain items like T-shirts. This makes embedding designs into T-shirts much quickly. Big printing companies such as Insta Graph Systems rely on these machines for their operations. These heat press machines can become the core of your small business’ marketing identity. They are also a cheap investment compared to other marketing investments out there. Compared to screen printing, heat press printing is much less expensive and more sustainable. Once you’ve gotten yourself a heat press machine, it’s all about creating the right design for your company.

Using Illustrative Tools

Illustrative tools are at the forefront of every SMEs marketing department. They are the heart and soul of making specialized advertisements for their companies. In this case, they are going to be the heart and soul of your T-shirts.
Using illustrative tools such as Adobe Illustrator for your t-shirt design reassures you that the design you’ve made is that of high-quality. The great thing about this is that you wouldn’t need to be an expert to make this particular design. You can work on already custom-made designs and add your own set of flavors to them. Additionally, you can always hire a freelancer to do this for you through freelance sites like Upwork.
It’s good to make more than one design for your t-shirts because it’s time to leverage another technological advancement during this digital age: surveys.

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Surveying Your Target Audience

Companies before used to do surveys physically and hand them out to consumers, but now, you can do a survey from various sites and let your consumers answer it.
Today’s SMEs leverage digital surveys to know more about their consumers and know more about what they enjoy in their companies. Leveraging a digital survey to ask your consumers what would look good in your company’s t-shirt design is one way to increase their engagement in your company. It would also make your t-shirt feel more personalized.
Once you’ve let your consumers pick the design, they’ve wanted. Once you’ve printed your shirts, it’s time to let the world know about your t-shirts—one way to do this by using the power of social media sites.

Going Digital

We all know that images provoke consumer engagement across all platforms. Companies that post images on their social media sites like Facebook are likely to increase their consumer engagement by 37%. It’s twice more likely to promote consumer engagement than companies that don’t post images on their social media sites. This is a trend in marketing, and it’s time to leverage it with your t-shirts.
Getting someone to post with your company shirt and posting it on your company’s social media sites is one great way to attract attention. Additionally, the images uploaded on these sites are free, so you wouldn’t worry about adding them to your expenses. However, if you want to maximize your reach, you can pay for cheap advertisement plans to reach consumers from other areas. You wouldn’t need a big advertising campaign for this, because eventually, the shirts will sell themselves.

Handing Them Out

T-shirt marketing is all about timing when to give out your shirts. You can set-up events, give them out as freebies, or even sell them if your consumers find them to be attractive. It’s a very versatile way to market your company without the expenses of a big marketing campaign. The best part of it all is that you have the means to produce and distribute them whenever you want.
Technology is a powerful tool when it comes to t-shirt marketing. It really shows how convenient, simple marketing stunts like this have become through the use of technology. And because of technology, you wouldn’t need to spend so many funds on this marketing campaign of yours. You need a bit of intuition and the know-how to use these tools, and you’re set to make your t-shirt marketing work.

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