Best Destinations To Visit Before You Turn 40

Many people ought to believe that reaching the age of 40 is like the end of the world. But that’s not true at all. As a matter of fact, 40 is usually when we start to find balance and peace in life. It is a period where you can still have the spirit of youth, energy, and time while acquiring empathy and wisdom that comes with age. And this gives you a reason to celebrate life even more!

Traveling more in your 40s is one great way to embrace life. It plays a significant role in shaping your overall outlook in life while it feeds your hunger for fun and adventure. Traveling helps us conquer our fears and get out of our comfort zones, providing us with multiple opportunities we may never have again in life. It can help you create beautiful memories, broaden your horizons, and introduce you to different cultures you never even knew existed.


For that reason, you need to go out there and experience these wonderful adventures and visit these beautiful destinations before you turn 40.

Visit Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone National Park can be found in the western U.S. It’s one of the many destinations in the country that you can visit so many times and still not see everything it offers. The 2.2 million-acre boasts out-of-this-world landscapes, geothermal activity, and a delightful array of wildlife. You will surely keep coming back for more.

There are plenty of things to do in the national park. You can go backpacking in the wilderness or check out some actual wolves in their most natural environment. If you want a water adventure, you can paddle on Lake Yellowstone and rest in the Yellowstone Lodge afterward. Here, you can watch bison herds wander around, which is why this site is ideal for families.

Be Hypnotized by the Aurora Borealis

The aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is undoubtedly one of Earth’s most glorious natural phenomena. Of course, the Northern Lights can be seen in different places in the world, such as Greenland, Canada, and Iceland. But the one in Arctic Europe can make you experience the aurora in its full glory. Sweden, Finland, and Norway all offer spectacular backdrops of this fantastic light show. While you are there, take the opportunity to try some of their delicacies and learn about their culture.

Live the Island Life in Siargao

If you want to get away from your busy life in the city, book a flight and live the island life in Siargao, Philippines. This island is quite popular among tourists from different parts of the world because of its simplicity. It’s easy to fall in love with this humble destination because of its mesmerizing white sand beaches, caves, waterfalls, and lagoons. You can also enjoy snorkeling and diving as you enjoy living your life like a local.

And while you are in the country, consider visiting its capital, Manila. The city may not be as serene as Siargao, but it provides unique experiences for its visitors. Go clubbing in BGC or learn more about the country’s history in Luneta Park. You can even rent a yacht so you can watch the sunset in Manila Bay in the most luxurious way. Just make sure to rent a boat with regular yacht maintenance and repair for your safety.

Go Surfing in Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s laid-back culture and numerous adventure opportunities make it a perfect destination for adults. In fact, Nicaragua has always been included on multiple lists of must-see places all over the world. It’s also a bonus that this country is one of the best places on Earth to learn surfing because of its beginner-friendly beaches.

Even expert surfers highly recommend this place for people who wants to learn surfing because of its consistent waves. Lastly, be sure to expand your knowledge by learning more about their local culture.

Go to Africa

Going to Africa for the adventure of a lifetime will always be classic. Even though we are now in the 21st century, the African Safari remains a superb travel experience, according to many. Here, you can follow herds of elephants as they walk through the forest (there’s nothing like that in your neighborhood) or watch the sunset as a pride of lions walk past by your window.

You can see different kinds of exotic animals in Africa, including leopards, rhinos, cheetahs, and many more, making you realize how young at heart you are still. Include the Serengeti and Masai Mara in your destinations, and you will surely have a great time!

In summary, being 40 does not mean that you have to stop chasing adventures. It’s quite the opposite. Now is your opportunity to explore the world and see its wonderful destinations. Experience things you’ve never done before so you can live your life to the fullest, even at 40.

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