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Apps for the Agents: Use These Apps to Create a Better Experience for You and Your Clients

Digital innovation in the real estate industry has always been for the benefit of buyers and sellers. Buyers can go to online listings or use home buying apps to search and purchase their dream home. The same goes for sellers. They can list their property in just a few clicks on their phone. But on the other end of each transaction, real estate agents remain on their desks, filling out forms and faxing paperwork.

As the world goes digital, many new apps emerge to ease real estate agents’ daily pain. These apps have become more beneficial this year as the pandemic has forced everyone to conduct business online.

So, if you’re a real estate agent trying to survive and thrive amid the economic downturn brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, here are some of the apps you should take advantage of today:


Spacio is a great app for capturing leads and following them up. Once a buyer sees an open house, they can give you their feedback through the app. The app comes with paperless open house forms that collect necessary visitor information and automatically sends follow-up emails after the open house. You no longer need to collect and store pieces of paper with unreadable handwriting after each open house.

Also, for each visitor who fills out the open house form, Spacio creates a profile with links to the visitor’s available social media accounts, such as Facebook and Pinterest, to help you gain more client insights.


man calling someoneOften, real estate agents get overwhelmed by the amount of outreach they need to maintain good relationships with their customers and other contacts. Contactually makes that easier to handle. It is a CRM tool that brings all your contacts together, organizes them in categories, and allows you to easily communicate with them through the app. Sending messages can be scheduled. Plus, the app offers email templates that make messaging quick and easy for a busy real estate agent.

Wise Agent

Between scheduling open houses, closing deals, and listing new properties, the last thing you want to forget is to market to new leads. So, let Wise Agent do the work. It automates email marketing for you.

The app allows you to set everything up—from the subject line, body, and images to email schedule—once and then let it run by itself every time you have a new listing to market. You can also customize the order emails if you plan to send a series of emails to nurture leads through a long-term campaign.


Dotloop is arguably the best real estate app for signing offers and closing documents. You can go paperless and secure electronic signatures no matter where you—and the buyers and sellers—are. This makes real estate transactions easy, convenient, and fast, especially amid a pandemic when it’s difficult to have the buyers and sellers in one room due to social distancing guidelines.

On top of eSignatures, Dotloop offers features like reporting and task management. This app also allows you to create go-to templates for documents that often need to be signed, so you don’t need to prepare the same forms over and over again. Imagine the amount of time you can cut from your daily tasks.

There’s no single app that can take care of your needs. But by carefully selecting the apps for each process—email marketing, lead generation, communication, and closing docs—you can create a better experience for your clients. Plus, you gain more time to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

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