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Aftermarket Exhaust: The Cheapest Way to Boost Car Performance

There’s plenty of room to improve the torque and horsepower in your car or truck, which in part explains the popularity of performance exhaust in Melbourne. Keen to save on costs, manufacturers don’t go over the top on items such as exhaust systems. While the cars aren’t poorly made, carmakers tend to use the least expensive items on exhaust, which can somewhat limit performance.

That’s where the aftermarket performance exhausts swoop in to save the day. They breathe new life into your car engine performance by creating an efficient way to release exhaust gases. The faster ejection of spent gas and air from the combustion chamber lets you harness more power from the engine.

A deep satisfying growl

Performance exhausts are well-known for their vanity side since they lead to a noticeable change in the exhaust note. These changes can range from subtle to thunder clapping roar in racer cars. For the everyday vehicles, you want the exhaust notes to tend to be slightly louder than the standard exhaust that gives way to deep low growl on acceleration.

More than just the sound, aftermarket exhausts boast a distinctive visual appeal that gives your car a beautiful fresh look. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to complement other stylistic features of the vehicle. You can have your pick from aluminum or steel among the materials that will give your car deep rumbling sound whenever you gas the engine.

Aftermarket exhaust can create this deep rumbling sound because they use slightly larger exhaust pipes that the stock model. That said, you need to choose your aftermarket variety carefully to ensure that it suits your car. Working with an expert ensures that you get the best results.

Which is the best bend?

Typically, manufacturers use two types of bends when making exhaust systems. The type of a curve on an exhaust pipe has a distinctive effect on the way the airflow, resulting in a difference in performance. A crush bend creates a crinkled area in the tube, decreasing its diameter and slowing the process of exhausting the gases. A mandrel bend, on the other hand, maintains a constant diameter through the curve. Since there’s no restriction in diameter, the exhaust system delivers better performance due to efficient airflow.

Which is the best material?

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Not all materials are created equal, so your choice of exhaust pipe matters. Most stock exhaust systems are made from mild steel and have a relatively shorter lifespan. They pale in comparison to the aftermarket varieties forged from stainless or aluminized steel. Naturally, stainless steel systems make the best choice since they’re highly durable. In most cases, they will last as long as the car.

There’s an art to choosing aftermarket exhaust system, and that influence the kind of results you will achieve. If you’re looking for a more refined but aggressive look on your car, go for highly polished mufflers with larger tips. If you’re more concerned about the performance, you opt for some varieties that look stock but are customized for performance. Of course, you can pick one that delivers both if you’re looking for both power and shows quality.

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