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4 Essential Departments for Your Business

At the beginning of a new business, it would usually only take a small team of people to run all the operations smoothly. But as your company grows, there will be more work, and you’re going to have to expand your team as well.

Every thriving business needs to categorize and allocate work to different people. You don’t want to be handling everything as CEO. There are several various aspects of a business, like marketing, human resources, accounting, etc. All of these are very important in running your company. So you need vital people managing the affairs of each department.

Here are the essential departments your business needs to have to help you foster growth and run operations smoothly.

Human Resources

Human resources (HR) can be considered as the most important department in a company. Your business runs on employees. And to manage their requirements, roles, responsibilities, etc., you need to have a team focusing on them.

Having an HR department is a great asset that will help you give attention to the core of your company — your people. They are responsible for recruiting employees with the right skills, characteristics, and knowledge for the role, determining the salary of these employees, and taking charge of their care and well-being.

Legal Department

In a business setting, there will be a lot of requirements you need to meet. These requirements are imposed by law, as the government is taking measures to secure and regulate the corporate industry.

There will be a lot of instances when your business would come face-to-face with the law. And often, these can involve complex, confusing processes that can take up a considerable chunk of your time. You need to have a team who can handle the intricacies of the law for you.

That’s where your legal department comes in. They can take the legal requirements out of your hands. Having a team of lawyers in your company will help you fast-track your compliance with the law and manage any legal affairs that might come up in the future.

Accounting and Finance


Money is the most important aspect of any business. Without it, you won’t be able to run your operations and pay for the work of your employees. You need to be able to manage your company’s cash flow and finances effectively.

Keeping track of the voluminous financial records can be a daunting task, but some people specialize in it. Form an accounting and finance department in your company, so you have people working on the complicated task of handling the company’s money. But you can also outsource your accounting team through hiring expert chartered accountants in Croydon for your finance needs.

Customer Support

Keeping customers happy and satisfied with your company will ensure that they’ll keep coming back for more. And for any business, it’s more cost-friendly to retain the customers you already have rather than to attract new ones. So you have to do a good job of keeping your current loyal customers.

Having a customer support team will do just that. They will interact with your customers, answer queries, address concerns, etc. Whatever effort it takes to keep your customers happy, your customer support team will undertake.

Managing a business can be tricky and stressful. That’s why you need a team working on each aspect of your business. Form departments and allocate the work needed to run your operations. This will help in managing your corporate affairs and fast-tracking your growth.

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