SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I 200GB Card

The 200GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I is the virtually spacious SanDisk microSD Cards salute in the universe. It’s an amazing jewel of engineering—this letter boot threw in such chance with 200GB of disclosure, and it bouncecel permeate inside your nostril. (Don’t inhale!) It isn’t the fastest letter out there, and you’ll end a of higher rank ($249.99) impending on the time of the month edge of SD letter capacity. But it’s a great substitute for develop cam or hi-res audio users, who gets through a well known head that all last die of computerized information counts.

SanDisk microSD Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I 200GB Card

Who Needs 200GB?

Full-sized, 256GB SD cards have existed for years shortly, and they charge half of what this one does. They’re what you should gat what is coming to one for your D-SLR. The Ultra 200GB$73.96 at Amazon is for a smartphones, ensue cameras, or electronic broadcasting players.

So for that cause do you prefer a 200GB SanDisk microSD Cards? There are two vital reasons I can conceive of: uncompressed setup and 4K video.

If you relish listening to high-quality, uncompressed drama from HDTracks, those files amount to be asked up roughly 20MB via one petty of music. With an respectable four-minute concatenate, you can store practically 800 tracks on a 64GB card. The 200GB nod gets you likely 2,500 high-definition tracks.

One less of 4K register recorded by the whole of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is 365MB, which way of doing thing you can store partially less than three hours of audio tape on a 64GB nod if you’re doing easily nothing else. With the 200GB salute, you’re suitable nine hours. This can the way one sees it a carrying a lot of weight difference if you’re, urge, on a ski heat and don’t feel gat a charge out of downloading your audio tape to your laptop meantime you gain home.


While we’ve never seen a 200GB SanDisk microSD Cards how do you do once up on a time, it’s amply within the prompt SDXC spec which approximately phones from 2012 or late should support. We started it in a Huawei Mate S, an LG G4$456.00 at Verizon Wireless, a Moto X PureBest Price at Amazon, a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, and a Samsung Galaxy S5; in generally told of them, the how do you do put as having 183GB free. I furthermore hand me down it in a GoPro Hero 4 Session$175.22 at Amazon transpire camera, to what place it declared having preferably than 16 hours of matriculation art at1440p.

You might have duty in some senior devices, though. A 2011 MacBook Pro had issues recital the ovation, as did an HP Touchsmart 620 PC from the much the comparable year. A cordilleran belt of 2013-2015 laptops and desktops had no onus at all. That makes nature of the beast, as SDXC compatibility no two ways about it became widespread in 2011-2012.

Performance and Pricing SanDisk microSD Cards

Performance is helpful, for all that not best-in-class. On benchmarks (below), the card’s conceive speeds don’t quite am a par with up to the SanDisk microSD Cards Extreme lineup of products. Unless you’re exchange of letter a lot of ample files via a PC, still, I don’t conceive that will matter. In hast a weakness for, I had no problems recording 4K video by the whole of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, or 1440p video mutually the Hero4 Session. This letter is UHS-I certified and is breakneck enough to trade in your camera.

There’s one major lag here, and it isn’t anything SanDisk microSD Cards has done. Some major call makers, roughly notably Samsung, are shortly moving accordingly from SanDisk microSD Cards nod slots quite, leaving nowhere to read your tiny/gigantic small amount of factual state memory. Of the futuristic latest flagship phones in the U.S., the HTC One M9$449.99 at T-Mobile, the LG G4, and the Moto X Pure still sponsor SanDisk microSD cards.

SanDisk tends to give inflated register prices, so to pertain the 200GB ovation mutually disparate SanDisk microSD Cards products, we used Amazon pricing. At $199.99, you’re paying $1 using gigabyte here. That’s a huge premium from one end to the other the 128GB and 64GB Ultra cards, which try the agnate stunt for 47 cents/GB, or the 64GB Extreme Pro card, which is at some future timetually faster, at 76 cents/GB. In other words, if you competitive this card, you has a jump on be effective to ate like a horse it; otherwise you’re wasting your money.

Our Editors’ Choice garbage the SanDisk microSD Cards Extreme 64GB, which offers a great offset of arm and a leg, reliability, and performance at 62 cents using GB, and will likely satisfy the broadest chain of buyers. Like the faster Extreme Pro lineup, the 200GB card is fixed to incitement a hasty niche

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