Samsung Galaxy S9 charges more awful than S8 in benchmarks, beaten by iPhones, Mate, Pixel

An early commentator has been putting Samsung’s new Galaxy S9/S9+ lead through its paces in a progression of benchmark tests, and the news isn’t useful for the Korean brand …

AnandTech tried the variant fueled by Samsung’s own particular Exynos 9810 chip, and depicted the outcomes as ‘unbalanced.’

Samsung Galaxy S9 fares worse than S8 in benchmarks, beaten by iPhones, Mate, Pixel

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ conveyed more regrettable execution than a year ago’s Galaxy S8 in each test, and was beaten by contenders including the Google Pixel XL 2, Huawei Mate 10 and Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 10. Maybe most embarrassingly of all, notwithstanding, it was likewise bested by two 2016 telephones: Huawei’s Mate 9, and Apple’s iPhone 7.

The site’s Andrei Frumusanu says that this focuses to something truly amiss with the chip, at any rate in the gadget he tried. Samsung Galaxy S9 recommended that a firmware issue may be the guilty party, however Frumusanu isn’t sure he purchases this.

One of the Samsung Galaxy S9 representatives affirmed to me that the demo unit were running exceptional firmware for MWC and that they won’t not be advanced. I’m experiencing serious difficulties trusting they would so definitely constrain the execution of the android gadgets for the show demo units and less so they would mess around with the scheduler settings.

Another probability raised is that Samsung Galaxy S9 committed an error in detuning the Exynos chip to coordinate the execution of Snapdragon-fueled models, to convey steady numbers. The site says, in any case, that if this doesn’t end up being the situation, the telephone will be ‘a completely enormous frustration.’

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