Ring Alarm Security Kit Overview

Ring Alarm Security Kit overview
Ring Alarm makes DIY home protection easy and less costly enough for every body

With Ring Alarm’s do-it-yourself domestic safety merchandise — such as its iconic original video doorbell — to be had for some time now, we knew that it might best be a matter of time before the organisation launched a complete domestic monitoring system to deliver it all together.

Now, despite some hiccups alongside the manner, that device, called Ring Alarm, is ultimately available on line and in stores. At simply $199, it’s one of the cheapest alternatives on the market, however as we located out while we examined it, that doesn’t suggest Ring skimped on features.

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The Ring Alarm device is available in an attractively packaged box that includes a rectangular base station, a keypad, contact sensor, movement detector, and range extender. Unlike the Nest Secure domestic tracking device, Ring created the hub and keypad as separate gadgets to give house owners extra control over where to place them. The merchandise are each lightweight and durable, even though the keypad digits do feel a piece antiquated whilst you press them.

All the tools you need to mount the keypad at the wall are blanketed, as are whole instructions on the way to set up and use the gadget. The keypad can either connect to a wall (it’s battery operated), or in case you don’t feel like setting holes for your wall, you could in reality area it on a desk.

Download the Ring app (available for both iOS and Android) and join the Alarm together with your existing Ring gadgets, or, if this is your first Ring product, comply with the commands and advice on a way to get started. Both the app and written materials in the field offers beneficial tips on how and where to set up your motion sensors and speak to sensors.

If you already have a Ring video doorbell or security digicam, you’ll be happy to understand that the device integrates well with those merchandise, and all of the devices run together beneath the same app.

We set up the base station in our workplace, the contact sensor on the front door, the keypad on the front table, the motion detector within the hallway, and the variety extender in our laundry room. You can add additional motion sensors and make contact with sensors to the device for additional insurance. We brought a couple of sensors to home windows on the first ground of our home for delivered safety.

A couple of critical matters to notice during setup. First, for the contact sensor, make sure to have the magnets aligned, in any other case it gained’t work. We discovered this the difficult manner after spending an hour troubleshooting. Second — and this is truly important – depending on where you stay, you can need to get a allow for the device from a local authorities company. Ring allows you navigate via this technique by using searching up your cope with and telling you whether a allow is required.

In our case, we did need to get a allow for our Ring Alarm system. Ring sent us an e-mail telling us this, and provided us the call of the jurisdiction we needed to touch to obtain the permit (in this case it become our county sheriff’s workplace). Ring even supplied us with a hyperlink to the neighborhood jurisdiction with extra statistics.

Ring Alarm Security Kit overview - topandroidgadget.com


Once you do get the Ring Alarm installation, you have three options for tracking.

You can set your device to “Away,” because of this that each one the sensors related to the gadget are monitored for activity. “Home” mode way that each one outdoors and perimeter sensors are monitored, however now not interior your property. “Disarmed” mode way that each one tracking is off, and is beneficial in case you’re having a barbecue and those are coming inside and outside of the residence frequently. You can change modes through hitting the corresponding button on the keypad and the get right of entry to code you’ve created for the system.

You can set the machine to postpone the Away mode by means of as tons as you need to get yourself out the door, and you could flip sensor chimes on or off. You also can usually arm the gadget remotely via the app in case you forget about to do it whilst you stroll out the door. The keypad additionally capabilities two pink panic buttons that will without delay trigger the alarm.

So, in which does the professional tracking come in? When the alarm is brought on, the Ring Alarm principal monitoring top android gadget calls you and asks for the verbal protection code you’ve installation. If Ring doesn’t reach you, they’ll name your emergency touch and ask for the identical factor. If either of you forget about the code (better pick out some thing you’ll keep in mind!) or in the event that they’re unable to attain both man or woman, then they’ll dispatch emergency responders to your own home.

Because it’s a piece unethical to journey a fake alarm to test out the machine, we’re not able to tell you if this method goes smoothly. But if we ever locate ourselves handling an alarm, we’ll make sure to update you on how it goes.


This is something we remind our four-yr-vintage son of regularly, as he’s at risk of leaving doors open because, well, he’s four. That method that the Disarmed mode is available in accessible when he’s conscious and running inside and out of the residence. It’s best to have 3 alternatives in place of simply the everyday “armed” or “disarmed” capabilities that don’t remember movement that is taking place just by means of dwelling within the house.

When we examined out the accuracy of the movement and contact sensors, we were impressed with how quick our app registered movement. Opening the door intended that our app automatically confirmed the “faulted” icon indicating motion – in truth, it became almost instant. Same for the movement detection sensor – the notification on both the hub and the app seemed nearly without delay. This changed into the case whether or not we had been in the residence or no longer. With some gadgets we’ve tested, specifically with safety cameras, there’s frequently a lapse with notifications. It doesn’t appear to be the case here.

Speaking of the app, it’s smooth to navigate and to get a brief photo of what’s taking place. Sensors which might be “faulted” or precipitated, are proven in pink, even as “cleared” sensors are proven in blue. The coloration coding makes it easy to get a photograph of what’s taking place in your private home with only a look.


Ring is owned with the aid of Amazon, so we fully anticipated so that it will have our security system chatting it up with our Amazon Alexa and different clever domestic gadgets. But that’s no longer the case, at least no longer yet. We spoke to Mike Harris, Ring’s President of Ring Solutions, and he stated that Ring desired to focus on protection first and primary, as well as getting people cozy with the system, before introducing integration with different merchandise. But users can count on integration that already exists to be activated quickly.

“Eventually, we’ll be cozying up with Amazon,” Harris told Digital Trends, noting that integration will encompass different objects associated with security, like door locks and light bulbs. “It’s going to do all of those matters and greater.”


Overall, we were impressed with the responsiveness of the gadget and the charge. At just $199, Ring affords a pinnacle-notch DIY home protection system this is nicely-notion out and responsive. As Ring adds greater smart domestic device compatibility, it is going to be clean to control and monitor many factors of your house.

Is there a better opportunity?

There’s no longer a whole lot that can in shape Ring’s price point and fine. Nest Secure is an excellent system, however will set you lower back $399. The Abode Starter Kit is cheaper than Nest at $299, however nevertheless lacks the finesse and first-rate of Ring. Samsung SmartThings and ADT have partnered on a home tracking device, but it prices $389, and several functions are lacking to make it an incorporated, complete device.

How lengthy will it remaining?

Ring has set up itself as one of the optimal home safety corporations, and with a one-year guarantee and durable, nicely-made elements, we assume this machine ought to last several years. Ring already has plans for adding extra pieces of hardware to the gadget and is known for regular firmware and software updates. You’re in desirable fingers.

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