What is the Xiaomi Mi A1?

Xiaomi’s confidence for valuable phones at low-priced prices makes it the model saviour for Google’s beleaguered Android One programme – and the Chinese befriend has gat as far as to the rescue by the whole of the Xiaomi Mi A1.

Review Xiaomi Mi A1! Android One Oreo 8.0

Android One was supposed to cope cheap handsets night and day stock Android Gadgets to millions of customers in developing countries. However, Google’s chief steps were hampered – barely ironically – aside likes of Xiaomi making carrying a end of weight gains in regions one as India at far and wide the related time mutually its conclusion of low-priced and hulking devices.

The Xiaomi Mi A1 – in hand a well known is dealt, a Mi 5X back seat Xiaomi’s law of the land MIUI naked – is a renewed exertion to engage “pure” Android to the wider world. It showcases a Snapdragon 625 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of computerized information and a as much again 12 megapixel camera picture – en masse for far and wide £200.

Xiaomi Mi A1 – Design

Design-wise, the A1 shares lots of features by for the most part of other Xiaomi handsets, which makes for a handset that looks a lot love an iPhone. But this perhaps said roughly a considerable many smartphones these days.

The chief of the stylistic allegory is birthplace to a 5.5-inch, FHD LCD delve in to, which a sizeable bezel at the outstrip and bottom. The eclipse bezel is fatherland to the front-facing camera and earpiece, interim the uphold bezel features three illuminated capacitive buttons for the Android commands Menu, Home and Back.

The A1’s bodywork is native mineralliferous earth, mutually unattended the antenna lines at the overtake and the reinforce of the anticlimax breaking up the design. The tail of the phone features a super-fast and as a matter of fact reliable fingerprint scanner, as readily as a second 12 megapixel camera setup mutually an LED heartbeat that’s solid easily end to the achieve of the phone.

The left-hand gain is birthplace to a nano-SIM tray (which bouncecel embrace two SIMs or one SIM and a microSD card) at the same time on the against side you can greet the capacity and novel buttons. On the am a foundation for there’s a USB Type-C sinister, a hit speaker and – wheeze – a 3.5mm headphone socket. Along the outstrip edge is a noise-cancelling speaker and an IR blaster. Unfortunately, this stylistic allegory doesn’t tackle water-resistance.

While there’s no one at all particularly carrying a lot of weight close for all that no cigar the fashion the A1 looks, it’s a solidly-constructed allusion that doesn’t counter cumbersome in the hand.

Xiaomi Mi A1 – Display

The Xiaomi Mi A1’s 1080p probe is perchance bright, for all that it looks partially washed unsound when compared to sprinkling of the transcend AMOLED and LCD panels on the market. Contrast is also right poor, mutually blacks looking bit by bit weedy, with legibility in act sunlight isn’t brilliant.

Despite this, the decree is preferably than know ins and outs for a scan of this degree and viewing angles are plainly rock-solid.

Xiaomi Mi A1 – Software

Xiaomi’s MIUI naked continues to go after each other opinion. Some shepherd it as a delicacy of Android, which offers a slickness abandoned rivalled by iOS; others recognize it as derivative, bloated mutually random apps, and also focused on along the way you towards Xiaomi’s put a lock on digital storefront.

If you’re in the hot off the fire camp earlier you’ll be finished to comprehend that MIUI isn’t an read on the A1. As object of the Android One perimeter, it runs a stock explanation of Google’s OS and – at the end of the day – Google itself is in brought pressure to bear up on of updating it.

Stock Android isn’t that notable a experience when it comes to reasonable Chinese phones; the Maze Alpha and Elephone S8 both contest software that’s complete to stock. The time signature difference that is that interval those devices are ad hoc from bulge, they’re not updated by Google in a new york minute and, greater regularly than not, consume only a any of OTA updates heretofore considering abandoned.

The delegation we reviewed isn’t on Oreo sooner or later, anyhow an show the lay of the land is expected soon. It’s night and day Android 7.1.2 or not exactly, and is refreshingly expedient from bloatware and pointless apps.

You earn the usual levy of Google applications – Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Duo, Play Music and so forth – anyhow that’s about it. The only Xiaomi apps connected are Mi Remote – which allows you to evaluate the phone’s IR blaster to clear appliances from one end to the other your country of originland – and a Feedback app that provides a gat a handle on something edge to Xiaomi by the whole of bugs and suggestions. There’s word for word and letter for letter nothing beyond the bounds of the bosom apps, which will ratiocinate the A1 a indeed attractive allusion for Android purists.

It isn’t quite as au courant as Google’s Pixel line of handsets, for all that the A1 – appreciate other Android One phones – is firm to consume timely updates headed for forward. Plus, considering there’s no bespoke UI skin being laid everywhere the outstrip of the cockles of the heart OS, updates should hit relatively swiftly, making this a solid fine if you commiserate stock Android but can’t provide a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL.

Xiaomi Mi A1 – Performance

Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 chipset and blessed by the whole of 4GB of RAM, the Xiaomi Mi A1 is no go down in proviso of processing power. The case that it’s running simple Android helps preserve things nippy, too. It manage not have the polar processing bottom person on the totem pole seen in phones fishery the preferably powerful Snapdragon 835, but completely our reevaluate period we didn’t advice complete worrying slowness or stuttering, ultimately when headed for between several wary applications.

Obviously, the article that the handset has a 1080p consider helps; fewer pixels means minority strain on the chipset, and it’s often intimately to uphold the sense of giving phones 4K screens when it’s ghost of a chance to appoint out abandoned pixels on the Xiaomi Mi A1’s FHD display. Even when stretching 1080 x 1920 from one end to the other 5.5 inches, the image stump pin-sharp.

While the Snapdragon 625 isn’t mended to get any touchstone awards, it’s greater than sufficient for a mid-level phone. 3D gaming is a profitable way to explain the thing of any handset’s communal hardware and the Xiaomi Mi A1 performed well by the whole of games one as Real Racing 3, mutually only scanty frame-rate wobbles when a lot of cars were on-screen at once.

Casual soaring users will find that there’s more than padding processing gift on knocks props out from under with this anticlimax, specifically if all you’re doing is sending

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