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For just $49 (£49, AU$79), the moderate Google Home Mini accomplishes something that the best Bluetooth speakers can’t comprehend: it comes furnished with Google Assistant, which is dependably good to go to enable you to discover answers, turn on the tunes, diminish the lights, begin a TV show and more by utilizing only your voice.

Thusly, the Home Mini is precisely similar to the bigger, more costly Google Home and even the ground-breaking Google Home Max. In any case, that is the place the examinations stop. While the others make for exceptionally strong independent speakers from an execution point of view, the Home Mini can’t stand its ground as the sole sound-producer in your home.

Google Home Mini - Smart Speaker for Android -

[Update: Google Home Mini has as of late advanced over to India. Our group over yonder has viewed the full size Google Home, and keeping in mind that they valued it, says that both the Home and Amazon Echo are breaks even with in a market that aren’t prepared for either.]

There’s unquestionably a part of subjectivity in judging sound quality, however most would concur that what the Home Mini is equipped for is anything but a mess. The soundstage – in spite of being pitched as 360-degrees – falls rather level. While talented in pulling up the most cloud music you can concoct from a genuinely wide assortment of spilling administrations, it has a troublesome time doing them equity on account of this current speaker’s humble profile.

On the flipside, in the event that you officially possess a Google Home or have a speaker set up with a Chromecast Audio, the Home Mini will make your sound course of action much sweeter with its skill inclining toward the highs in the sound profile. Vocals and so forth toll through unmistakably, however come in to the detriment of, well, everything else. This isn’t an issue in the event that you have different speakers getting the slack, however independent from anyone else, the Home Mini simply isn’t sufficiently strong.

Despite that reality in any case, it’s unimaginable not to prescribe this little gadget. Its Assistant smarts, vast rundown of highlights and low value make it simple to dive in on the Home Mini.

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The Google Home Mini looks as though Google flipped around the Home, at that point smushed it down to estimate. In that capacity, you’ll discover the texture surface on the highest point of this gadget with the matte plastic on the base half. Additionally, on the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to contrast tech with sustenance, this gadget resembles a macaron.

The palm-sized Home Mini radiates a look that its texture work is only for looks, however it’s really conductive to your touch in a couple of territories. For instance, tapping the best stops and continues play. Google had plans to take into consideration the Assistant to be summoned by tapping and hanging on the center, however has since for all time (by means of: 9to5Google) incapacitated the element because of security concerns.

Google Home Mini - Smart Speaker for Room -

Putting a finger on the left and right sides of the speaker brings down and raises the volumes, as you may anticipate. What’s more, in conclusion, at whatever point you explore with your voice or contact, the Home Mini will light up four LEDs on its best to demonstrate that your activity has been enrolled.

Moving down to the lower a large portion of, the Home Mini highlights a small scale USB port on its back to give control (this android gadgets is without battery, similar to the Amazon Echo Dot) and a receiver switch that empowers you to kill undivided attention, making this a speaker that you’ll need to tap to collaborate with.

Uncovering its base, you can see a roundabout elastic tangle to keep still on whichever surface that you put it on. Google furnished TechRadar with a coral (peach-shaded) show, yet the Home Mini is additionally accessible in chalk (dark) or charcoal (dark).


The Google Home Mini is the most reasonable Google Assistant-empowered speaker accessible and gratefully, its voice acknowledgment doesn’t experience the ill effects of the lessening in size and cost. In the case of yelling from over the room or talking tenderly 10 feet away, the Home Mini yielded likewise awesome outcomes.

As far as what the Home Mini can take control of, the rundown goes on. You can put a call for nothing in the US (in the not so distant future in the UK), stream music through a variety of music applications like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio and then some. It can send a demand to pull up a YouTube video over to your Chromecast to easily start seeing. The Home Mini is likewise a keen home center point in that it can likewise coordinate with Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets from any semblance of TP-Link, Philips Hue, Wemo and that’s just the beginning.

In any case, setting aside its savvy abilities for a minute, the Home Mini gloats an amazing arrangement of highlights that are accessible appropriate out of the crate for the individuals who can’t be messed with chatting with your speaker or interfacing it with incidental administrations.

Interfacing is an easily get through the Google Home application and rushes to show you some things about the Home Mini, similar to how it works and assets that give moment access to a wide assortment of free sound substance. On the off chance that you need to exclusively utilize the Home Mini as an arrangement of Bluetooth speakers, the Google Home application presents blending settings, however they are fairly covered inside the application.

Once your cell phone is set up with the Home Mini, it’s easy to start tuning in. Either give the speaker a yell for a few tunes, being as particular or unclear as you’d like, or simply hit the Cast catch close to the best to give your telephone free rule to drive its sound straight to the Home Mini.

Talking about Cast, Google’s most recent speaker works best inside a horde of other Cast-empowered gadgets. In my studio condo, I gathered together a Google Home, a Chromecast Audio-associated soundbar and the Google Home Mini to manufacture an encompass sound setup. At the point when in this gathering, the Home Mini emerged as the star of the highs, pushing the vocals through additional hard when the bigger Home was more centered around the mids.

However, all alone, the Google Home Mini shouldn’t be utilized as considerably more than a work area amigo. It’s all that anyone could need in case you’re just utilizing it to get a look at your logbook, hear the most recent news or telephone a companion with its free voice calling (accessible now in US, coming later in the UK). Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for something that will dependably duplicate your most loved music, this isn’t the best arrangement out there. This mini speaker can get genuinely boisterous, however there’s no bass in the conveyance.


The Home Mini is like the Amazon Echo Dot in that it’s Google’s endeavor at getting the Assistant into whatever number homes as could reasonably be expected. At that, the sheer measure of capacities that the Google Home gets expansion to its chic, premium form and the low value make it a moment star.

In case you’re in the market for a shoddy speaker, the Google Home Mini will do the trap for some. However, remember that it’s best seen as a supplement to the Home family, not the establishment. This present gadget’s claim to fame, beside being quite keen, is for the most part to compensate the individuals who are as of now inside Google’s Cast-empowered walled cultivate with a modest, new gadget.

Truly, the Google Home Mini is not as much as a large portion of the cost of the bigger Google Home, and a large portion of its size, as well; be that as it may, it simply doesn’t seem like we’re getting a large portion of its execution – we’re getting something somewhat less.

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