Android Operating System

Android has released 15 versions till yet. The first version of Android was 1.0 and it was not specified with any specific name but that was considered as one of the great version. But now Android has released the Oreo 8.0 which is considered as one of the most attractive version. This version will give you so many great features and it has improved in terms of features and options. Some great features of the latest Android operating system are discussed here.

Android Operating System

Picture Inside

Google Oreo is the great operating system and it gives the feature of having the multitasking. You can easily use two functions at the same time in the android. In Oreo, if you are using the Map or any other application and meanwhile you receive a call or video call so you can do that. You can do two tasks at the same time. That is why the picture inside mode will be surely liked by the people.


If you are going to use the Oreo then there will be a great feature which you will surely go to like. Maybe you don’t like it for some reasons because the feature will allow you to find a dot on the screen. You can find the dot on the applications where some new notification will come. If you will adjust the notification then it will pop up like a dot. But if you want you can disable this notification by going into the notification settings.


If you find it difficult to save the battery by using the WIFI then here in Oreo there are so many great features for you. It will automatically turn on the Wi-Fi and turn off the Wi-Fi by finding the suitability. Because when you will go home it will detect your Wi-Fi and will turn on the WIFI. And by going out of range it will connect to the cellular network.

Storage management

When you are using an android phone one most important factor is the storage issue. For that purpose, you don’t need to be tensed here in Oreo. Because the new OREO version of android will allow you to adjust the storage greatly. And you can adjust the storage according to your own choice. It will give you a push to adjust the space by offering more suitable options.

Some of the great features of the latest Android operating system are given above. There are many other features of an android operating system which you will find when you will use. Although the new version is not such consumer of battery and it will save the battery better than all other previous versions. The security level of new operating system has have been enhanced and in that version, people can find many other great aspects. The android system can make you allow to have the access the bundle of new applications in a secure atmosphere. So when you will find it difficult then you can ask for help by Google support.

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