Up and coming BlackBerry Uni will include touchscreen and retractable console

After the astounding accomplishment of the KeyOne in 2017, TCL needs to keep something to be thankful for running with the up and coming Blackberry Uni. Anticipated that would dispatch in right on time to mid-2018, the Uni may have a couple of astonishments in store for BlackBerry fans.

While subtle elements on the up and coming BlackBerry leader are somewhat foggy, we’re adapting more about it every day. This is what we know up until now:

BlackBerry Uni will feature touchscreen and retractable keyboard

Will TCL amaze us with an altogether new frame factor for the BlackBerry Uni? All things considered, if renders from an ongoing patent, first spotted by Let’s Go Digital, are right it really resembles the following BlackBerry lead may look a great deal like its 2015 ancestor, the BlackBerry Priv.

Like the Priv, it looks as if the BlackBerry Uni will highlight a bended touchscreen display. While points of interest are surely scrappy, it appears that the BlackBerry Uni will have a comparable shape factor to the Priv, so we could anticipate that the screen will be around 5.4-inches.

A physical console will sit underneath the display. While you can utilize the on-screen console for speedy answers, you can without much of a stretch slide the physical console down from the display when required.

At first look, the back of the BlackBerry Uni looks relatively indistinguishable to the Priv. Renders demonstrate the Uni with a middle flush camera, yet the camera appears to get a noteworthy redesign.

The camera on the Blackberry Uni may really sit underneath the console slider. This change would give the phone two focal points — the essential focal point that is accessible when the console is uncovered, and in addition a helper focal point that can be utilized when the console it concealed. Since the patent for the up and coming BlackBerry Uni records a few diverse assistant focal point conceivable outcomes, it’s conceivable we will see adornment focal points that can be changed out.


While we might want to see the BlackBerry Uni send with Android 8.1 Oreo, it would appear that it’s transportation with 8.0. Since BlackBerry prides itself on snappy updates, be that as it may, we’d hope to see a 8.1 refresh for the Uni soon after it is discharged.

BlackBerry Uni Software

We’re relatively sure that BlackBerry’s suite of efficiency apps will show up on the forthcoming Uni too. While loads of makers add bloatware to their phones, BlackBerry’s efficiency apps really influence the phone to emerge.


blackberry uni touchscreen retractable console geekbench

A large portion of the detail data we have on the BlackBerry Uni comes civility of a Geekbench report from a year ago. While we trust the Uni is the BBF100-1 recorded in the report, there’s positively space for question, so be distrustful of these gossipy tidbits until the point that more data comes to fruition.

The Uni will probably include a Snapdragon 660 chip. While not as intense as the current year’s Snapdragon 845, it’s a decent midrange smartphone processor.

Notwithstanding the Snapdragon 660 processor, the BlackBerry will likewise highlight a powerful 6GB of RAM. While there’s no word on capacity, we would foresee a 32GB and 64GB, like a year ago’s KeyOne.

Discharge and accessibility

At the point when would it be a good idea for us to hope to see the BlackBerry Uni? At this moment, it appears we may get a look at the up and coming lead at the current year’s Mobile World Congress in March. If not, we would almost certainly hope to see the top android gadgets at some point in the spring. Since the phone will be no less than one of the 2018 leads for the organization, we would hope to see a worldwide discharge for the BlackBerry Uni.

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