What is an android phone?

There are many people who are using the smartphones nowadays. If you also want to have the best cell phone which can make your life well and can give you extra features then having the android phone will be best for you. Easily you can get access to so many applications by a single click. Or else even if you are an old user of android still there will be something interesting for you. What is an android phone and how it can give you so many features are being discussed here?

All about Android Phone Features

What is the android system?

Android is an operating system which is used in most of the cell phones of the modern era. An android based cell phone is fully featured with many of the needed features. With android, you can easily use so many applications. Android is the operating system which is being designed by the Google. Google offers so many great features and it has many built-in applications like the Google Map, Play Store, Google Search and many others. With Google Play store you can find out millions of applications and also you can access to the updates of applications. It will give you the updates and applications both. Moreover, you can also get many other applications depending on your interest.

Who uses android?

If you are interested in android then the next question which can popup in your mind is that which smartphones are using the android. There are so many mobile phones who are using the Android and among them, some of the great companies are Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei and many others. Because Android is the most populated operating system of the modern era. It is being used by a wider range of the customers. Moreover, more than 60% of people are buying the android cell phone. And the figure is continuously rising day by day.
Benefits of Android

The next question which can make you confuse is that what the benefits of the Android smartphone are. Some of the benefits are given below:

1. Flexibility

One of the great factor which makes Android a choice of people so that it is flexible. It is not much complex and easily it can be used by people. Therefore many people love to buy the android smartphone.

2. Features

Unlike other operating systems all the Android-based smartphones are fully featured. There are many applications and sensors which are being widely used with the android. This is another great aspect of using the Android smartphone.

3. Affordable

Another thing which is really good about the Android system is that it is not much expensive. You can easily use it and you can buy it according to your choice and range. Many people can buy the Android smartphone at less price.

These all are some of the great aspects of Android and many others. Therefore you can come to know that what is an android phone easily from here. Moreover, when you will use it you can make a better decision.

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